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Virtual Offices, Sydney
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Thanks to technological advancements, how we do business has undergone a severe transformation in the past few years. It’s no longer a requirement to work from an office in town if you want to successfully grow your business. Virtual Offices, Sydney are increasingly being used by savvy business owners who either work from home, have a mobile business or need a physical presence in a location they might not actually have a physical office. Take a look at why you need a virtual office now, more than ever.

Virtual Offices: productivity, privacy and professionalism

Virtual offices are fast becoming a popular choice with a number of different types of business owners. With business owners shying away from traditional office space for a number of reasons, virtual offices fill the gap to allow business owners the flexibility to work from wherever they choose, whilst maintaining pure professionalism.

The rise of the home office

With ever-improving technology, business owners and their staff are no longer restricted to working out of a traditional office to service clients. What’s more, businesses and their customers don’t even need to be in the same city, state, or even country to work together. That means, many clever business owners are working from home, which is often far more convenient, and seriously cuts overheads. Unfortunately, there are some inherent issues with advertising the “home office” address.

Some business owners have no issue with advertising their home address, whilst many choose not to disclose an address as a privacy measure. Either way, both approaches can be problematic:

  • Advertising a home office address doesn’t give off a huge sense of professionalism
  • Not disclosing any address can make potential customers wary of your legitimacy

To overcome this, some businesses opt for a post office box. However, PO Boxes can still raise issues of trust and doesn’t tackle the problem of presenting a professional business address.

When signing up to SOI’s virtual offices, you gain access to their prestigious CBD address to use in your advertising and mail.  SOI collects your mail and simply redirects your mail to your actual address. It’s the perfect solution!

  • Lift your professional image
  • Allows you to list a CBD address in online advertising and boost your Search Engine Marketing campaign
  • Secure the privacy you need to work from anywhere you please (and your customers will be none-the-wiser)

why you need virtual offices sydney soi

Grow your business on a national (and even global) scale with virtual offices

If your business is fortunate enough to be able to service clients on a national or even global level, simply by operating from one location, a virtual office will be your best tool to grow your business. At SOI, we offer virtual offices in Sydney, as well as all over Australia and worldwide, thanks to our affiliates.

That means, by using a virtual office, you can instantly “grow” your business with offices wherever you need to be.

For example, even though your actual office is located in Brisbane, you can use virtual offices in Sydney to help you break into the Sydney market. Not only does it look great to potential customers, you will be able to use the virtual office address in your Search Engine Marketing campaigns and other advertising materials.

Outsourcing is the new standard

In the last few years, outsourcing has become standard practice; both in personal and professional spheres. Again, this can be attributed to technological developments which not only allow individuals to connect with more people than ever before (so you can find the right person for the job), but most jobs can now also be outsourced regardless of geographical boundaries.

At SOI, our virtual office packages can include a number of additional support services including services such as a receptionist to take all of your incoming calls. The benefit of outsourcing to a receptionist means you have more uninterrupted time in your day to focus on what matters; whether that’s working on your business, or enjoying your downtime.

Your receptionist will answer all incoming phone calls (to your instruction), can take messages or transfer the call through to you directly. What’s more, if you’re a booking-based business, they can even manage your incoming client bookings through your web-based calendar. Imagine never having to deal with managing appointments again?

Gain access to meeting rooms and hotdesks, as part of your package

At SOI, our virtual office packages also come with a number of extras to ensure you’re as productive as possible. With your virtual office you have the ability to host your meetings in any of our meeting rooms and if you need a couple of hours to complete some work whilst in the city then you can also use our hotdesks.

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If you’re considering using virtual offices in Sydney, as well as nationally and even globally, speak to SOI today. We love putting together comprehensive, tailored packages to fit your needs and help your business grow. A virtual office costs less than you think (and most definitely less than renting traditional office space), so contact us today to learn more.




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October 10, 2017