If you’re a business owner with a physical office, you may be considering hiring a receptionist to answer your incoming business calls. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a business you can run from anywhere, you might be realising just how difficult it is to stay on top of incoming client calls.

Luckily for both of these business types, SOI offers Virtual Receptionists which allows incoming business calls to be answered and handled just as if your business had a full-time receptionist sitting in your office.

Virtual Receptionists: The Smart Solution

“How does a virtual receptionist work” is a common question from business owners who have just discovered that a service like this exists. And the answer is actually really simple! All you need to do is divert your existing phone number to us, and we take care of the rest!¬†Alternatively, if you still don’t have a landline phone for your business, we will happily supply you with one.



Train Your Virtual Receptionists as If They Were Your Own Staff

Simply divert your existing business number to us and we will answer your calls in your business name and as per your instructions. We have a streamlined and super fast onboarding process which allows you to tell us everything we need to know about your business and answering client calls, including:

  • The exact greeting you would like us to use
  • If you would like to use an after-hours voicemail, and what the recording should say
  • A brief description of what your company does, including your website address
  • If your mailing address is disclosable to callers
  • If your physical address is disclosable to callers
  • What your call handling preferences are (i.e. will we take a message and email straight away, or will we call through to another number and try to transfer the call to you)
  • Your preferred message receipt preferences (forward to company voicemail, take message and email, SMS etc.)
  • Any other specific information related to your business that will assist your new reception team to manage your calls.

The Best Decision for Your Bottom Line (and Mental Health)

Virtual receptionists are an extremely cost effective solution for businesses. As do you not need to worry about paying a full-time receptionist a salary, including tax, workers compensation and superannuation. You also don’t need to worry about the additional expenses such as phones, office furniture and additional space in your office. Plus, you get to avoid “the cable nightmare” that comes with setting up and maintaining telecommunications equipment.

It also means you’ll never be left unprepared if your receptionist has a sick day, or takes annual leave. This is often something business owners forget to plan for, yet can wreak havoc on your day-to-day operations and take your stress levels 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds.

Not Just a Virtual Receptionist; A Complete Solution

If your business relies on client bookings (like a personal trainer, business coach or personal therapist for example), we can also manage your incoming client bookings and appointments. It’s similar to what our virtual receptionists do, however, you also just share your web-based calendar and provide instruction regarding your availability, and we can schedule and manage all of your client bookings.

Imagine never having to get bogged down in answering the phone and dealing with appointment bookings again! This will free up your time to either focus on servicing your clients or on growing the business (or maybe even just having a relax for once!)

How do virtual receptionists work? Fitness benefits at SOI Sydney

If you’re a business owner located anywhere in Australian, or you even run an international business that requires an Australian customer service base, SOI can help! We have been providing clients with professional business solutions since 1999, and we love learning about how we can be apart of your future business success. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our virtual receptionists, our packages, and other solutions we have for your business.


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