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What is a Virtual Office?

SOI’s virtual offices in Sydney mean you have a CBD office with a full support team. All without the hassle or cost of setting up and running your own office. Whilst you conveniently work from any location you choose.

Many of our virtual office clients might work from home or even have a mobile office. But need a more professional image for their business. A PO Box doesn’t exactly signal success, and many clients don’t trust businesses with no physical address, plus, it’s easier to trust a bricks and mortar business than one with no real location.

We have enjoyed our time with SOI and recommend you to anyone seeking virtual office solutions. Over the years we have seen many changes but the heart and soul of SOI remains in the fabric of its people.

Wendy Howlett

Area Manager, Anytime Fitness

Benefits of your Virtual Office package from SOI

By joining SOI with a virtual office solution, you gain access to the following benefits to help support you throughout your business journey:

Create the right professional impression with our virtual office services

Your virtual office will give your clients the perception that you are a CBD business with your own administration team. You have a physical office address and a landline phone number that is always answered by your team of receptionists and your call or message is transferred to you no matter where you are.

Work anywhere and stay connected

You have total flexibility where you work and how you work, and can always stay connected with your clients. All your mail, documents and parcels are received in your CBD office by your support team during business hours.

Meet your clients in your CBD office

As you have access to a large variety of meeting rooms your clients can meet you at your office and be greeted by your reception team

Privacy and Protection

Another great benefit of your virtual office is that your home address and privacy is protected by allowing you to separate your personal life from that of your business.

This is especially useful if you work from home or require a better image than advertising your post office mailing box as your primary place of business.

There are also many other benefits for businesses using SEO as Google locations recognises physical addresses only and this gives your virtual office a presence and credibility in the eyes of your clients.

Hassle free

Our virtual office packages are available throughout Sydney and all other capital cities around Australia on a monthly basis. With no lock in contracts, it is so easy and convenient. At SOI, we understand that the needs and demands of businesses are ever-changing, which is why we want to simplify and make this process as easy as possible. At any time as your needs change and your business grows so can your virtual office package.

Solutions all around Australia & Globally

If you require a virtual office in other Australian capital cities or even globally including the USA, Europe, the UK and Asia, SOI provides you with access to a global network of business centres. This ensures you can better service your clients on a global level; and present a business image on a worldwide scale.

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