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Becoming Agile: Potent Ideas for Your Business 24 November (07:00 PM)

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Every business is unique, with their own journey story and set of challenges. At SOI, we don’t stop until we understand what makes your business tick. We want to understand and need to understand so we can support you in the best way we can and throughout your journey. Our business is your business! We want to share in your journey by supporting you in what we do best. We are here for you with our serviced offices, virtual office solutions and virtual assistant services.

By bringing your business on board with the SOI community you’re joining a rare network of support staff and like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs who want to join you on your journey. We are here for you no matter the size of your business or the industry you are in.

When you partner with SOI for your serviced office needs, virtual office solutions and virtual services, you’re getting much more than just a place to work or someone to answer your phone. You’re sitting on the shoulders of an inspired community dedicated to helping you reach your goals faster and offer you the serviced office support to make it happen.


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Becoming Agile: Potent Ideas for Your Business

The last 18 months have been an unexpected and often painful lesson for everybody in business. Whether you’ve faced the toughest of times or seen unforeseen growth…it’s been a period that shows the amazing value of making sure your business is agile.

This webinar will discuss powerful ideas about how YOUR BUSINESS can become more agile and better prepare for whatever lies ahead.


Richard Carter (Chair) – A business leader, who has driven the success of complex telecommunications projects across four continents. Currently uses his unique experience to provide innovative business networking, business sales and presentation consulting services through Business Connection Resources.

Matthew Holland – Founder of Allbiz, an organization formed with the goal of educating business owners on how to run their operations more efficiently and effectively through the use of technology and processes. The Allbiz Hub provides a complete SME Business Software Solution.

Preet Singh – Founder and CEO of the award-winning AEK Group. The AEK Group is a boutique product development and marketing agency, supporting entrepreneurs and brands in building distinctive product lines and growth marketing strategies.

Rick Williams – Owner of Platform 24, who provides end-to-end support for the critical IT infrastructure of Australian SMEs. Making their systems powerful, easy to maintain, and, most importantly, cost-effective. Rick’s experience in IT dates all the way back to 1996.

Buck Samrai – Chief Financial Officer at SOI, a boutique Serviced Office, Meeting Room, Hotdesk, and Virtual Business Service, Provider. Buck has extensive expertise in business advice, due diligence, corporate governance, and business planning.

Benefits of joining the SOI Community

Nothing great is created in isolation, nor without enthusiasm. Luckily the SOI community combines both and throws in a generous helping of productivity to really get things going with our virtual office services.

Regardless of how you join us; whether through our flexible serviced office solutions, virtual office services, virtual reception services or virtual booking services you become part of our supportive, proactive team, dedicated to seeing your business thrive.

You are not just a “membership” to us; you are our unique client with very individual office solutions that we get to understand so we can provide the right support just for you.

Our flexible, serviced office spaces are a private, spacious and lockable “smart space” to ensure your business is protected yet connected. Whilst our virtual services aim to make life easier for you as a business owner.

With more support staff per client and the management team onsite and available to speak with you at any time we are able to help and support you at every turn of your business day.

Regular catch up and networking events, boot camp and Pilates classes and full concierge services including dry cleaning, SOI delivers a daily business experience like no other.

All the perks without the work

In all honesty, there will still be work. That’s why you’re here after all but by having the support of SOI’s flexible serviced office solutions whether it be with our:

  • Serviced offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Hotdesk or Day office spaces
  • Virtual offices
  • Virtual assistant services
  • Virtual receptionists
  • Virtual appointment for Allied Health

We take the work out of the support side of things making your day more productive to do what you do best. Grow and work on your business. Working within our SOI community you’ll feel invigorated each day you spend at the office or interact with your SOI team.

And considering the hours some growing business owners work we all want a vibrant and enjoyable environment and a professional team to support us, don’t we?

No matter what you need, your support staff at SOI are here for you whether it be short term or long term. We take the hassle out of work and make it as easy and seamless as possible for you and your teams growing and changing business needs.

Your new office solution whether it be a serviced office, hot-desk, day office, virtual office, virtual receptionist or virtual assistance to manage all your appointments and bookings; you will receive a seamless experience, without the additional costs and hassle of employing and managing full-time administration staff, or having to set-up a full office including IT infrastructure, equipment and furniture.

Contact us today to tailor a solution for your business.

Becoming Agile: Potent Ideas for Your Business24 November (07:00 PM)