Virtual Services

At SOI, we’re proud to offer flexible, tailored virtual services. When you first contact us to discuss joining the SOI Community with a virtual service, we will discuss your unique requirements to find a solution which fits you best. However, we have included frequently asked questions below, to provide you with more information.

Remember, if you would like to discuss anything further, don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Can I direct how my calls and messages are delivered to me?

You can choose to either have your calls transferred through in real time or have a message taken and emailed through for you to action at your next convenience.

2. Do I have to take the call when it is transferred to me or can I ask the receptionist to take a message?

If you choose to have your calls transferred through to you, your SOI receptionist will announce the caller and give you the option to accept the call or not. If you are unavailable to speak, your SOI receptionist will take a message and email through to you.

3. Can my calls be transferred to more than one number?

Depending on your requirements, you can list up to 5 team members on your profile. Calls will then be transferred through to the respective person, or a message taken and emailed.

4. Can my messages by emailed or SMS’ed to me?

If you choose not to receive calls in real time, messages will be taken and emailed through to you to action at your next convenience.

5. Can I have access to meeting rooms?

Depending on your package, SOI clients either have access to our Sydney CBD meeting rooms included in their package, or meeting rooms can be booked at an additional, affordable fee.

6. Can I bring my current number across?

Of course. You can either simply divert your existing office number to us, or we can provide you with a landline to advertise as your office number.

7. Is there a training session included with the on-boarding where I will have the benefit to train the Virtual Receptionist in the same manner that I would train my own receptionist?

The simple yet thourough on-boarding process allows you to direct how you would like calls answered and handled, as if you were training your own, on-site receptionist.

8. Can the plans be moved to suit my business and different seasons?

At SOI, our virtual services have no lock-in contracts which means you can increase or decrease your package inclusions at any time, to match seasonable changes or match how your business is naturally progressing.

9. Is there a charge if I want to change my script and message greeting?

You can update your script and message whenever you require. This is useful in case your business closes at particular times (like the holidays) or your circumstances change.

10. Are there any hidden costs or charges once I become a member?

All SOI packages are transparent and inclusive so you know exactly what your charges will be for the month.

For any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with a member of our friendly team 

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