Never Miss a Booking

How our solutions benefit health practitioners 

Never miss a new client

80% of new client won’t leave a voicemail when they call a business. Some prefer to simply speak to someone rather than mess around booking online. SOI Virtual Receptionists will ensure every one of your incoming calls are taken care of and the appointment is made.


Gain more time for your patients

Leave the phone alone, and focus on doing what you do best. Spend more time on your current patients while SOI Virtual Receptionists take your appointment bookings. They can answer all the basic questions and give you the support you need.

Add value instantly

An inexpensive and easy solution that will immediately add high value to your business. Utilise the SOI services that you need, when you need them.

Virtual Receptionists and Appointment Scheduling Services are particularly beneficial for any Allied Health or Health Professional.

Step 1

Your patient calls your existing phone number which is diverted to us. You can divert any time you like.

How it works

Step 2

SOI Receptionist answers with your practice name and follows the instructions you set.

Step 3

We speak to your patient and make their appointment directly in your own package with any notes or messages.

How we do this

  • You have a conversation with us to direct us on how you like things done in your practice.
  • You show us how you like your appointments made so we fit right into your practice.
  • You have a special handover with us that has been developed over many years by our expert team. You are assured all your specific information is captured.
  • You can even ask your SOI Receptionists to call your patients and clients to reschedule an appointment. It’s all part of SOI helping you.

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