Capture every opportunity with SOI’s virtual receptionists

Did you know that over 80% of customers won’t leave a voicemail and will call your next competitor if you can’t answer your phone? (Forbes). Don’t miss a single opportunity. Engage SOI’s virtual receptionists today!

When you sign up to a SOI virtual receptionist service, not only will you benefit from capturing all incoming enquiries, but it frees you up to stay focused on what you do best. Your virtual receptionists from SOI deliver professional live answering to take your incoming calls. Our virtual receptionists ensure your customers receive a seamless customer experience so you can reduce disruptions and stay focused on your business.

Never miss another important call again

Are you at the stage where you need some assistance in your business to free you to allow you to focus on what you do best? Or perhaps you’re a sole trader or small business who wants to project a professional image with an in-house receptionist service? Then our virtual receptionist services are for you!

Your virtual receptionists can do it all

All Australian trained and based in Sydney our virtual receptionists are dedicated to working with you in your business. From a phone answering service to scheduling and making appointments your virtual receptionist can do it all.

I have been using SOI to answer my calls since December and so far they have helped me generate thousands of dollars of work in additional sales and helped us decrease our membership turnover by 25%.

Since Anytime Fitness is designed to be operated by one person, that person is responsible for all the operations for the business, which means I can’t afford to spend most of my time on the phones. On average, SOI has been received just over 300 phone calls for us each month.

Prior to SOI, I was spending hours and hours just answering phone calls back-to-back. On top of that, I had long queues walking clients waiting to sign up and I would be tied to the phones or try to answer the calls because I didn’t want to miss out on a potential sale.

Now I don’t have to worry about answering the phone because I know I have a team of professionals who will take care of all my clients that make my customers feel valued because they get to speak with someone.

I now have more time to focus on doing the little things around the gym that make the big differences such as cleaning out lockers, regular bathroom and change room maintenance, it’s these small things that we do, help win our clients over, keeps them happy and stops them from cancelling.

The other important thing, now that I have more time, I can finally start creating a gym culture that really makes our members feel special. I now finally have the time to learn our members’ names and build rapport with them. I believe that by creating a club culture, we are getting fewer cancellations, saving the gym on average $1,200 a month.

I would encourage managers/owners to try their services and see if SOI can help you generate more sales improve your efficiency and help alleviate some of your stress.

Darren Cudd

Club Manager, Anytime Fitness Sydney City

How your Virtual Receptionist service works

Your virtual receptionist answers your phone calls in your business name and then transfers the calls to you. If you are not free to take the call, then just let your virtual receptionist know and they can take a message which will instantly be emailed to you for you to action at your leisure.

Benefits of your Virtual Receptionist package from SOI

By joining SOI with a virtual receptionist solution, you gain access to the following benefits to help support you throughout your business journey:

You will never have to worry about staff again

Having a SOI virtual receptionist means you will never have to worry about the receptionist taking a break or going on holidays again or worse still a sudden illness preventing them from coming to work. A virtual receptionist will answer your phone calls nonstop throughout the day giving you the ability to focus on your business.

Ensure your customers get the best experience possible

If you cannot answer your phone, then your customers are not having a good experience & that can affect your business. Voice messaging is not the most desirable solution as callers tend to hang up. A virtual receptionist will answer your calls & speak to your clients on your behalf when you cannot. Remember you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

You have total flexibility where you work and how you work, and can always stay connected with your clients.

Save Money

A virtual receptionist is a cost effective solution that will save you money as you do not have to pay wages & other overhead costs associated with a fulltime employee. Any business can enjoy all the benefits of a receptionist support team at a fraction of the cost.

Take control of your business & your time

Be more focused & productive throughout the day by having a professional virtual receptionist manage your phone calls. A SOI virtual receptionist will take all your calls & prioritise your messages so you can do what you do best. You now have the benefit of attending to your messages when it is convenient for you.

Maintain a Professional Image

Clients like to be serviced quickly & professionally. If your business is not able to do this, it will create a bad image of your business & perhaps of you. A virtual receptionist will instantly give your business that professional support team who will answer your phone calls & can even answer your team’s calls too.

Easily grow your business

The biggest benefit of using a SOI virtual receptionist is you will never miss a call which means all your business opportunities will be captured. You can grow your business knowing you have the support team behind you to take any volume of calls your business generates.

Solutions all around Australia & Globally

If you require virtual receptionists in other Australian capital cities or even globally including the USA, Europe, the UK and Asia, SOI provides you with access to a global network of business centres. This ensures you can better service your clients on a global level; and present a business image on a worldwide scale.

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