Doing Business in The 21st Century

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Businesses in the 21st Century have moved on from the traditional hierarchies and static values of the past. To succeed today in the global and digitalised corporate world companies need to be forward thinking and adaptable. Thus, the new business model is about dynamism, innovation but, perhaps most importantly, flexibility.

Michelle Mills, Managing Director of Serviced Offices International, understands this and has tapped into this fundamental change in how businesses operate.

“Flexibility is the key for companies and workers today” says Michelle. “Corporate success and the achievement of business objectives are dependent on careful cost control, executive mobility and high-speed transfer of crucial information between key executives.  Serviced Offices International can place you in your own ultra-modern, fully furnished office supported by all the services and facilities that you require for the exact length of time needed, whether it be on a daily, weekly or yearly basis. There is also the added bonus of having the option to easily expand and occupy more office space, as and when may become necessary.”

Serviced Offices International provides these office spaces to progressive companies in the Sydney CBD. As well as serviced office suites, they cater for alternative solutions to suit each business’s individual needs. These include hot desks, virtual offices and virtual receptionists.

“Companies have the ability to expand into new markets with minimum risk and capital by starting with a virtual office” Michelle explains. “This creates a corporate base with full back-up support services available as required, for as little as $40 per week. Additional space can be taken up in direct relation to the growth of the business and the number of employees as required.”

In this way, solutions such as the virtual office enable businesses to remain flexible and pay only for what they need when they need it. If a business is only working on a project for a short period of time they can use a casual office space or a hot desk package tailored to their requirements. Reception services can be provided, along with secretarial support, meeting rooms and full IT, networking and shared server facilities.  This provides a cost effective, simple and adaptable solution for companies to create the right environment to get work done efficiently and maintain strong communication lines with clients and staff.

With innovative new approaches like those offered by Serviced Offices International, companies have easy access to the key to doing business successfully today; flexibility.

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Article by Buck Samrai

August 10, 2015