How A Virtual Receptionist Will Improve Your Business and Lifestyle

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Business owners of today are expecting more from their businesses. Whilst the primary function of a business has always been to generate an income, owning your own business is also expected to provide more flexibility to enjoy a better lifestyle which is where our virtual receptionist can help.

The reality is, whilst you may not want to be chained to your office 50 hours a week, your clients still expect you to be available (at least via phone).

So, what’s the solution?

Virtual Receptionists: Your Secret Weapon to Achieve Work/Life Balance

Virtual receptionists are quickly becoming the service of choice for many savvy small business owners. With marginal costs compared to hiring a full-time receptionist, and a lot less hassle than finding the right person to employ (not to mention paperwork), virtual receptionist work with small business owners every day to free up their time and help their businesses grow.

Optimise Your Day

Incoming emails and ringing phones are the biggest killers to workplace productivity. Whilst it’s easy to just close your emails in order to push out that all-important project, it can be a little harder to switch the office phone off – after all, what if a new client enquiry comes through? And you certainly don’t want to leave your much-valued clients in the dark by sending them to voicemail.

There is a solution; virtual receptionists.

Simply by diverting your advertised work number to virtual receptionists, they can take all your incoming calls, and either take a message and email it through to you (when you need to be in the zone), or they can call you and transfer the call instantly!


Really Get To Focus On Your Clients

If your business relies on spending time with your clients face-to-face, a ringing phone in your pocket during an appointment can be really distracting. In that moment you have two options:

  1. If you ignore the call, the caller might not leave a voicemail and you could lose an opportunity
  2. Answer the call during your meeting and your face-to-face client might be left feeling undervalued

It’s a tough decision.

Luckily, there’s actually a third option:

If you have your phone diverted to professional virtual receptionists like SOI, you can feel secure that your calls are handled, which means you can get back to providing focused service to your clients. What’s more, if you’re a booking-based business, SOI can even manage all your incoming appointments on your web-based calendar!

You’re No Longer Chained To Your Desk with Our Virtual Receptionists

Do you avoid getting out of the office during business hours in case the business phone rings? Even if you divert your office number to your mobile, it can be stressful answering business calls when you’re standing in line at the supermarket checkout, and definitely not wise to drive and try to take meeting notes!

By having virtual receptionists take care of your incoming calls, you can have all calls screened and introduced to you to decide if you’d like to take the call or not. That means, if you’re not in a position to take a business call, your dedicated virtual receptionist can simply take a message (but your client will still feel taken care of and that their matter will be attended to shortly).

Take Some Well Deserved Time Off

Are you that business owner that hasn’t been on a holiday in five years because you’re worried things would fall apart without you? Time away from your business can be one of the most important things you can do for your business. If you’re feeling a little stuck, a change of scenery (i.e. not your computer screen) will give you a fresh perspective and propel you forward like you never expected.

So when you do finally take that break, be sure to completely unplug – and that means not answering the business phone. With your virtual receptionist service, you can relax knowing every single incoming call will be answered by a professional receptionist. At SOI, we allow our clients to set out exact procedures as to how their calls should be handled.  It’s just like having your own full-time receptionist (without the hassle and cost!).



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If you’re ready to maximise your workday, and enjoy your time away from work, contact SOI today. We’d love to speak to you about our virtual receptionist packages and how we can become part of your business.




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Article by Michelle

October 16, 2017