How a Virtual Office Can Help Grow Your Business

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While many small businesses enjoy the benefits of working from home in today’s online world, not many actually know about virtual services, or how a Virtual Office can help grow your business. Whether it be having someone answer your phones to free up your time, or using a professional business address to make your business appear larger, a Virtual Office could be just what you need.

How a Virtual Office Can Help Grow Your Business

virtual offices are flexible while offering a variety of services:

  • Virtual receptionists: Never miss a phone call again. Experienced and professional receptionists answer your customer calls with your requested spiel and email you the message to follow up on later. You don’t get distracted from your work, and your time is better spent creating your product or servicing your customers.
  • A professional business address: Don’t want to have your home address on your business correspondence and invoices? Keep your home address private while enhancing your business image by advertising a Sydney CBD address on your website and business cards. Gain trust from potential customers by having more than just a PO Box. SOI will conduct any mail collection and forward it on to you.
  • Meeting room hire: Perfect for those adhoc business catch ups or regular client meetings. No more noisy cafes again!

Virtual offices are a Cost Effective Way to Grow Your Business

Often the aim of any business or startup is to grow and expand. This can be achieved in a much faster manner (and with a lot less weight on the bank account!) by utilising a Virtual Office. There’s no need for you to rent office space or hire administration. You don’t need to worry about purchasing office furniture or expensive technology.

SOI offers a stepping ladder of support options and services that you can pick and choose from as you go. SOI Virtual offices have no lock in contracts, and you can easily add to the amount of services you’re utilising as your business develops.

The aim of the game at SOI is to meet the needs of small to medium businesses and startups so that your goals are successfully accomplished. We like to support your business in its growth and productivity, and give you an edge over your competitors.

Our Virtual Office Team are Here to Make Your Life Easier

A Virtual Office can help grow your business by backing you with an elite team of support staff that are ready to join you on your business journey. SOI receptionists take the day-to-day hassles off you and give you the freedom to focus your time on productivity or achieving a work/life balance.

The SOI Virtual Office team can handle your customer phone calls, take messages, schedule appointments and meetings, and handle general enquiries. Our qualified and experienced staff can be trained to answer your common frequently asked questions from your customer calls too.

virtual office can help grow your business

Only Pay for What You Need

When you use a Virtual Office, you only pay for what you need when you need it. This can be of massive benefit during a growth phase in your business or while accommodating for a busy time or peak period. When things settle back down to normal pace, you can adjust your Virtual Office services accordingly.

SOI Virtual Office packages can grow as your business does.

We Are More Than Just a Virtual Office

A Virtual Office can help grow your business in a range of other ways.

SOI packages include invitations to regular networking functions based in Sydney – CBD and Chatswood. They are a great way to grow your contacts and networks and speak with other like-minded people.

Our friendly team would love to discuss your business needs with you. Contact SOI now 1300 318 680.


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Article by Buck Samrai

October 13, 2018