What to Look For in a Business Partner?

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Being a small business owner is both rewarding and challenging. Each day, you’re required to grow your client base, drive your business to be successful and manage the day to day challenges (some of which may not be your skillset). You’re required to wear many different hats, and keep all the balls in the air. Not to mention balancing a family and social life.

Due to the demands of owning a successful business, many business owners choose to work with a business partner. Having a partner to work with means you’re not only sharing the workload, but also the mental load that comes with business ownership.

In the age of the rise of the home business, many business owners shy away from finding a business partner as they think it means they need to take a physical office. This isn’t true! There are many solutions for home or remote businesses to work collaboratively (such as meeting room hire in Sydney).

The right business partner can not only spread the workload, but can also offer a completely different skillset to diversify your business and help it grow.

What to Look for When Deciding on The Right Business Partner

Deciding on the right business partner is very important. To ensure you choose the right one, consider the following:

  • A face to face meeting: a face to face meeting is so much better than over the phone or video call. This is an important decision so you want to ensure you make the right choice.
  • Good communication: when deciding on your business partner, good communication is key. You need to be 100% sure that the other person is someone that you can work with. Business isn’t always easy. So, consider if it’s someone you can effectively and efficiently work with.
  • Trust: what do you know about the other party? Are they trustworthy, honest, a positive influence and have their own ideas to drive the business forward.
  • What do they bring to the table: a business partner with different experiences and skillsets helps a business offer more expertise variety in services and products to their clients.

When you do decide on the right person. Don’t forget to have a partnership agreement drawn up.

How Meeting Room Hire in Sydney can Help Set The Scene for Your First Meeting

When you agree to meet your potential business partner you want to project a professional image. You won’t do this in a busy, noise café. Hire a Sydney meeting room to set the scene. A meeting room allows you to offer a professional presentation that shows the benefit of your business and what it can offer to a new business partner. And you can discuss the ins and outs in the privacy of a professional meeting room.

Meeting room hire in Sydney can help you find your new business partner at SOI

If you utilise meeting room hire in Sydney then you might also like to find out how else the venue can help your business. Quite often meeting room hire venues are a part of a serviced office facility and can offer so many other benefits to you and your new business partner.

Remember first impressions are important when sourcing a meeting room as the location will inevitably reflect your business. How does the venue communicate, do they offer a high level of service, how do they present themselves?

Have You Decided on Business Partner? What’s Next?

Once you have decided on a new business partner you can then decide on how the business will operate each day and what your short and long term goals are. Do you and your new business partner want to focus on existing and new clients while improving your product and service delivery to them? Then a partnership with SOI would help you deliver.

Not only do SOI offer meeting room hire options in Sydney, we also offer virtual office receptionist and support services that will make growing your business in a serviced office environment so much easier. Contact SOI now to discuss what we can offer you and your new business partner.


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Article by Michelle

May 14, 2018