Virtual receptionists are on the rise with business owners. They are discovering just how beneficial it is to have a professional receptionist answer your business calls. A virtual receptionist will not only help free up your time but also ensure you present a professional business image from the start. And at just a fraction of the cost of a full-time receptionist, virtual receptionists are a cost effective solution for any sized business.

If you’re asking yourself “why would I need a virtual receptionist?”, take a look at our top points below:

How Virtual Receptionists Support Your Business Growth

Business growth is a good thing, right? But only if you can keep up with the demand by finding the right staffing arrangement. This might mean a combination of full-time employees, casual staff and contractors. It should also include a receptionist. For many businesses, hiring full-time auxiliary staff is a huge cost and simply out of reach. The salary would be better allocated to someone that can charge billable hours for their work. Or perhaps you’re choosing to remain as a “virtual” team and maintain all the benefits of working from home.

Fortunately, with SOI’s virtual receptionists you simply pay a small monthly fee and we ensure every call is answered during business hours. What’s more, by outsourcing your receptionist needs to SOI, you’ll never have to worry about your receptionist calling in sick or taking holiday leave. You’ll also remove the need for purchasing expensive phone systems, allocating a desk and computer.

You Need To Optimise Your Time

Picture this. You’ve been in business for a couple of years now and finally found your feet. You’re starting to really get the hang of business ownership and realise it’s time to make the most of your workday. That means removing the disruptions that prevent you from powering through your to-do list. Distractions like:

  • Social media. Use a blocker like StayFocusd
  • Remove the chance of unexpected client or supplier drop-in’s by having office hours or by-appointment only
  • Change your email send/receive settings to run only once per hour
  • Hire a virtual receptionist to answer your calls

You Need Some Support

If you’re not in the office full time but still want your clients to be able to speak to someone whenever they call, then you need a virtual receptionist. Simply by having your business phone diverted to SOI, our virtual receptionists can speak with your clients even when you can’t. This might be on a daily basis when you are servicing other clients, or in a meeting. Or maybe you’re having the day off to spend with family or friends. Or perhaps you’re taking a well deserved break and enjoying a holiday. Don’t just let the call go to voicemail and miss out on prospective opportunities; be smart about how you handle calls and outsource to a virtual receptionist service.

– – – – –

If you’re considering whether a virtual receptionist is for you, get in touch with SOI today to learn more about how this fantastic service works and how your business can benefit. Our affordable and tailored packages will have you up and running in no time.


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