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Virtual Support Services by SOI

Clever business owners are discovering the power of outsourcing. This allows them more flexibility in their business, so they can focus on growing their business, and maximising their lifestyle.

At SOI, we provide a range of business services to support your business, ensure you present a professional image, and empower you to achieve your goals.

Virtual Receptionists

  • Just like an on-site receptionist without the hassle or cost
  • Never miss an incoming call or opportunity again
  • Start with the right impression

Virtual Offices

  • Make a big impression with a CBD address
  • Protect your privacy if working from home
  • Gain access to meeting rooms & support staff at affordable rates

Virtual Appointments

  • Spend time with clients, not taking bookings
  • Low cost diary management
  • Keep your bookings coming in even when you’re on holidays

Virtual Receptionists to answer every call

Did you know that over 80% of customers won’t leave a voicemail and will call your next competitor if you can’t answer your phone? (Forbes). Don’t miss a single opportunity with a virtual receptionist service from SOI.

Answering your business needs with our live answering service


All the benefits of an on-site, full-time receptionist, without the cost or hassle.


Never miss an oncoming call or opportunity because you were out-of-office with clients


Take control of your business and time. Be more focused & productive throughout the day by having a professional virtual receptionist manage your phone calls.


Maintain a professional image with your own “front office” team

How your Virtual Reception service works

Your virtual receptionist answers your phone calls in your business name and then transfers the calls to you. If you are not free to take the call, then just let your virtual receptionist know and they can take a message which will instantly be emailed to you for you to action at your leisure.

Virtual Offices for a big impression

Secure a CBD office with a full support team without the hassle or cost of setting up and running your own office.  Whilst you conveniently work from any location you choose.

A virtual address with real results


Create the right first impression with a professional CDB address


Work from anywhere and stay connected with our professional phone answering and mail redirction services.


Meet your clients in your CBD office via our meeting rooms. Your clients will be greeted by our profesional reception staff.


Protect your privacy if you work from home with your virtual office address

Connected all around Australia & Globally

If you require a virtual office in other Australian capital cities or even globally including the USA, Europe, the UK and Asia, SOI provides you with access to a global network of business centres. This ensures you can better service your clients on a global level; and present a business image on a worldwide scale.

Virtual Appointment Setting for a seamless workday

Spend less time taking bookings, and more time focused on your clients and growing the business. Outsource your schedule management and watch your calender fill up!

Book out your day with your own virtual appointment setter


Never lose a booking by having your phones answered by our live reception team with access to your online calender


Save time by not getting tied up taking phone bookings and remain more focused


Enjoy a completely tailored package from SOI. We will develop a customised solution which fits your business needs


Get ready to grow! We can manage bookings for as many team members as you need!

Empower your business, even when you’re not there

If you’re a booking-based business, you understand just how important it is to have a full calender. And the only way to that is to answer the phone! So what do you do when you want to have some well-deserved time off?

Avoid coming back to an empty schedule with our virtual scheduling service. We will answer your phones and ensure you come back from holidays refreshed, and ready to dive in.

Ready to take the next step in your business?

To see how easy it is to take advantage of one of SOI’s virtual business services get in touch today!