At SOI, we’re big on fostering networking among our clients. It’s part of what we like to call the SOI community. Whether it’s a formally organised social event or an impromptu exchange in one of our many breakout rooms; the networking benefits at our Sydney office are endless.

Why Network? Networking Benefits:

There are a number of reasons why you should be networking:

  • It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business
  • It’s a very natural way of “selling” for most people; by focusing on relationship building
  • Networking exposes you to new groups of people you wouldn’t meet in regular business or social settings
  • People that attend networking events are on the lookout to find both new clients and new suppliers. Consequently making them a very receptive audience to hear about your business
  • It’s an opportunity to gain fresh ideas. By exchanging new ideas on challenges or projects you can gain insight and overcome obstacles in record time
  • Find your next favourite supplier. Sure your main goal is to gain new clients, but you’ll also potentially find exactly the right person to help manage your books, build your new website or collaborate on a new client project.

Unfortunately, finding the right networking groups can be challenging and the negatives outweigh the benefits. What’s more, they can be a pain to get to and not always at the right time.

At SOI, we know that networking benefits our clients, which is why are dedicated to providing our Sydney Serviced Office clients with access to both organised and impromptu networking events. This makes attending these events easy as they’re located right where you spend your days working!

Typical Events Which Provide Networking Benefits in Sydney

Some examples of our networking events include:

  • Regular after-work drinks
  • Guest speakers
  • Holiday and seasonal events (like our annual Christmas party)
  • Also, with our complimentary fitness classes and bike team, it makes a great opportunity to meet fellow serviced office tenants in an active setting

Networking Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime in Our Sydney Serviced Offices

Sure, our regular organised networking events are not to be missed. However, at SOI we’re big on fostering a community of passionate and engaged business owners. That means, simply by being a tenant and taking advantage of our many breakout rooms and fully equipped kitchens. You can strike up a conversation with your next prospective client, or next favourite supplier.

– – – – –

We know all about networking benefits, which is why our Sydney serviced offices have endless opportunities to allow you meet new people and discover new opportunities. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can join the the SOI community and take advantage of our unique networking benefits in Sydney, contact us today!