Taking a Moment to Celebrate

celebration of business success
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As the end of the financial year draws to a close, lots of stories in the media will tell you now is a good time to review your numbers and get planning the next financial year. And whilst that’s great advice, it misses something important that we business owners are likely to overlook.

What’s that you might ask? Well, you know how it is, there’s always so much to be done in a day, week, month, a year that you’re always about moving forward; fixing problems, untying knots, sorting things out, planning next steps and new products/services, etc. And so it goes around again.

Except we encourage you not to do that. Just for today – yes, there are lots of things you need to get on with and you don’t have time. Except yes, you do. You can make time and this is important.

I want you to carve out some time today, just for you. Go somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted by office stuff. Turn off your phone – yes, off, completely – use, you know, the off button. Order your favourite coffee, beer or champagne. Eat lobster or something else you love to eat that feels special when you order it. Why?

Because It’s Time for You to Celebrate.

Look back at the year (or years if you’ve not really done this before – and as business owners, we’re mostly bad at this), and review your wins – big and small, business and personal. Write them down. All of them. Allow yourself the joy of basking in the glory of all you’ve achieved in your business – no matter what size it is or where you’re at.

Running a business is often hard, and seemingly endless, ‘yakka’. And it’s easy to miss the wins along the way because you’re too focused on what comes next and solving problems. But not today. Today is for looking back, celebrating and appreciating the journey.

  1. Celebrate how far you’ve come – where were you last year by comparison?
  2. What was the biggest win?
  3. What are you most proud of having achieved this year (and often it won’t be your biggest win)?
  4. Who aside from you did you help achieve something great in the last year?
  5. Who really helped you along the way? Don’t forget to say thank you.
  6. What was the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?
  7. What did you learn along the way?
  8. How have you changed for the better?
  9. What’s the one thing you didn’t think you could have achieved, but did?
  10. What was the best outcome you achieved?
  11. Who was your happiest client/customer and how did working with you or purchasing your product/service impact their business/life/family, etc.?
  12. What did you love most about this year and want to do again?
  13. Think about all the moments that have caused you to smile, laugh, learn or have your socks knocked off in a good way.

Some Points in Your Business Life that Need Extra Special Celebrations

  • If it’s your first year in business – wow, you did it. There were times you didn’t think you’d make it, but yet here you are.
  • If you’ve been chugging away for three years – you’re past the ‘beginning’ stage. Congrats!
  • If you’ve just or are about to celebrate five years – well done! You’ve made it out the other side of surviving the odds of the supposedly 90% of all businesses that fail in the first 5.
  • And if you’ve been in business longer than that – WOW – just WOW. You survived the GFC and goodness only knows what other trials and tribulations you’ve triumphed over. Go and buy yourself a holiday somewhere nice – because you know you deserve it and you probably need it too (link to a previous blog).

Set aside time to do this each year and, after today’s mini celebration, you might want to do it more often and that’s good too. If you have staff or advisors, why not invite them to be part of the next celebration.

If we can help you by allowing more time in your day to get to the things that really matter in your business (or life) by answering your phone, doing admin or organising your next meeting, we’d be delighted to help. You can call us on 9994 8000 or drop us a note.


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Article by Buck Samrai

July 1, 2014