Why are You Still Leasing Commercial Office Space?

commercial office space
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It might seem a silly question to ask in the modern age of renting office space as opposed to leasing it, right? But some business owners are still signing extended lease agreements that have them tied up for months. If you’re one of those business owners considering signing a lease agreement may we offer you some alternative solutions to get commercial office space?


It doesn’t matter whether you need commercial office spaces or simply a meeting room or a boardroom to host a quick presentation. Renting office space is amongst the most cost-effective ways of doing business. It allows you the flexibility to only use the space when and for the exact period you need it.


Have you considered how many idle hours you’re paying for in your leased office space? Employees don’t work 24/7 which means you’re paying for space that’s not used optimally. Serviced offices eliminate the waste by offering you flexible hours to rent space and a professional work area.


The Differences between Renting and Leasing Commercial Office Space

There are some interesting contrasts between leasing and renting office space. Let’s quickly unpack the main differences:

  • When leasing office space, you don’t have the flexibility to move where your business will profit more whereas with renting you can pack up and go as you please
  • When renting office space, you’re able to save money on utility and labor costs whereas leasing commercial office space forces you to appoint a manager to oversee the running of your office
  • It costs a lot of money to furnish and set up your office whereas renting office space affords you a ready-made workspace centrally located
  • Leasing commercial office space requires a substantial investment upfront whereas renting office space allows you to only pay for the hours you utilize the space


The benefits of renting office space outweigh the perks you may enjoy when leasing commercial office space. And because the business environment is so competitive, shouldn’t you consider options that save you money, so you have the better cash flow to utilize and get ahead of the competition?


Steps to Cancel Your Lease

Now that you know of the savings and logistical convenience renting office space can offer, we’re sure you’re eager to cancel your lease, right? Cancel your lease in these three easy steps:

Step one

Find out what your state law says regarding cancelling your lease early. Some states allow it depending on the circumstances.

Step two

Speak to your landlord to try and negotiate the cancellation of your lease

Step three

If your landlord isn’t willing to agree, offer to give up your security deposit. It’s a small price to pay for a longer-term benefit


Final Thoughts

Don’t put it off a day longer. Act now and contact SOI consultants today and set up an appointment to view our conveniently located serviced offices. Your business deserves this winning partnership, wouldn’t you agree?

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Article by Buck Samrai

October 28, 2019