How Does SOI aka Service Offices International Boost your Business?

boost your business
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Serviced Offices International (SOI) is a boutique serviced office and virtual business service provider with a proven track record in helping businesses grow.

Our unique range of services means we provide business owners and their staff with the ability to maximise time in their day, present a more professional image and secure more clients. Whether you are a micro business, small business or medium-sized business and beyond.

We’re passionate about understanding your business, in order to provide a solution which meets and exceeds your needs.

So, how can SOI actually help your business? Read on to find out more.

We Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Wages are often the biggest cost for businesses. Of course, core staff are vital to any business, but SOI can help you save money on auxiliary staff costs. Receptionists, assistants and support staff are an important part of any business, however, their salary can be difficult to justify as their hours cannot be billed to clients. So, instead of spending $55k+ per year on an in-house receptionist, SOI can do everything an in-house receptionist can, at a fraction of the cost. That puts money back in your pocket.

Our virtual receptionists will answer all incoming calls, transfer them to you or your staff, and can even take incoming appointment bookings! We also offer an after-hours voicemail service. What’s more, our receptionists receive ongoing training and we pride ourselves on getting to know your business, your clients and your services, to offer a truly personalised service. This improves the customer service experience and ensures you gain and keep your clients.

We Make Your Business Look Bigger

With today’s technology, there’s no reason why you can’t offer your clients fantastic service and quality results, working from anywhere. For many businesses in the startup and growth phases, image is everything. Whilst the reality might be that you’re a one-(wo)man-band working from the spare room at home, it’s vital your image is purely professional.

With our virtual reception and virtual office services, you can give the impression that you have an in-house receptionist, working from a prestigious CBD location. You can also book meeting rooms through our online portal and meet with clients and suppliers in our highly professional setting. Plus, we can even arrange catering for you! And if you travel, we can look after your needs anywhere in Australia and even the world, with our affiliate workspace and meeting room providers.

We Can Provide You With An “Instant Office”

Need an office for a month? Or maybe you’re looking for a longer-term solution? Don’t waste time and money taking out a traditional office lease, buying furniture and struggling with telecommunication companies.

Serviced Offices International offer a range of serviced offices, depending on your needs. Whether you need an office just for yourself or need to accommodate a larger team, we can help. Find out more about how a serviced office is right for your business, here.

Our serviced offices are fully equipped, ready to go. We have solutions depending on the needs of the length of your lease, the size of your team and the equipment you need to run your business. We also have state-of-the art IT infrastructure and the latest technology in our meeting rooms and boardroom. Allowing for meetings and training sessions to run smoothly and efficiently. We even offer a concierge service, so you can make the most out of your business day.

Serviced Office International Sydney client testimonial regarding wonderful service received


Serviced Offices International Will Improve Your Own Wellbeing

At Serviced Offices International, we not only care about your business but also about your health and wellbeing. As a business owner, your life is stressful and you’re required to work at an optimal level at all times. That’s why It’s important that you’re in the best shape to deal with everything that arises when running a business. We understand this! We believe, promote and support how important looking after the mind and body is.

That’s why if you join the serviced offices community at SOI you receive added benefits for you. These include:

  • Pilates
  • Boot camp
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Bike club membership

And we also have showers and changing rooms with a complimentary towel service to make partaking in the above programs that much easier. We are all about looking after you and your business at SOI and making your life easier.

Serviced Offices International Want to Work With You

We want to work with you. Our business is about supporting your business in the best way we can and to the best of our ability. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you. Whether it be our serviced office solutions, meeting room facilities or our virtual office services. We are committed to joining you and your business on your journey and meeting your needs.


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Article by Michelle

February 6, 2018