Small Business and the Influence of Perception

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Perception is everything. A business can gain customers and increase growth through the power of perception. For a small business or a start-up one of the main focuses is to create a bigger presence, and with it, a greater authority in the marketplace.

This presence is your image as a large and professional company, no matter your actual size. The advantage of creating this perceived presence is that you can then compete with any company, regardless of how large or established they may be. It also means you can approach your potential clients with the confidence that your business will be seen as being professional, resource-rich, customer-focused and, therefore, capable of delivering what you promise it will.

How Can a Virtual Receptionist Help Create this Presence?

The first step to a bigger presence is for customers to receive a great first impression of your company. Firstly, a customer wants to speak to a person not an answering machine. The chances are if they hear a recorded message they’ll hang up and not ring back. Secondly, they’ll feel more secure in a business that has a dedicated receptionist or reception team to answer the phones.

A virtual receptionist or the components of one, enables your business to have this bigger presence at minimal cost and effort. Customers receive the great first impression and you can get on with the day to day running of the business, safe in the knowledge that your phone calls are being answered professionally and the diary is being managed.

The Other Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

  • You are able to refocus on your core work, without the distraction of answering the phones.

Of course, we are all perfectly capable of answering our own calls, but what often happens is that you are busy focusing on something and when the phone rings your attention is diverted. After the call you then need to undertake follow-up work, which can turn that one-minute call into half an hour of your time being taken up. So, to be able to have that knowledge that no matter what you are doing or what is going on in your day, your phones are being answered reliably and professionally, means you are making the most of your working time.

  • You can take time out or go on holiday and your business remains in operation.

Often, with small businesses, if you go on holidays that one-week time away can become a month or more of down time before you actually catch up. However, with a virtual receptionist the business can remain operational, even if you’re not there!

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Article by Michelle

August 17, 2015