Understanding the Dynamics of Shared Office Space in Sydney

shared office space sydney
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What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘sharing space’? The concept of shared office space is often misunderstood, resulting in all sorts of negative emotions. If just the thought of sharing space with strangers makes you feel uncomfortable, this article should help dispel some of your fears. There are many shared office spaces in Sydney being utilized by various companies. Many business owners have realized the benefits of renting office space as opposed to leasing office space. It works because you can focus on making it more profitable and growing it exponentially, rather than spending money on floorspace each month.

Let’s unpack the misconceptions regarding shared office space in Sydney before highlighting the perks of this alternative office solution.


Common Myths about Shared Office Space

It’s important to first list the common myths attached to shared office space in order to set the record straight. Here are some of the most common myths:

It’s a hostile environment

There’s a perception that sharing office space with strangers will be uncomfortable and create hostile environments. Nothing could be further from the truth as shared office space increases your creativity and allows you to network with like-minded professionals.

Availability is limited

The belief that space won’t be available when you need it most is also untrue. Service providers that rent out space work closely with companies to ensure they meet their needs and accommodate them as far as possible.

It’s not safe

The inherent fear is that because the building is not “in your name” it could be a fly-by-night scheme that will disappear overnight. That’s also incorrect, simply look for reputable service providers. Use the companies that work with established brands and have been operational for a long time.


The Advantages of Shared Office Space

These are the most celebrated benefits of sharing office space:

  • It allows your employees to work in a creative environment with like-minded professionals. This makes for meaningful knowledge sharing and positive contribution to their growth as professional, well-rounded employees
  • There’s no dominant company culture present, so it eliminates the often-toxic grapevine trajectory that’s so commonly found in company-owned traditional office space
  • Most of the shared office space in Sydney is conveniently located at central hubs, close to public transport facilities so commuting to and from these locations is as easy as can be


Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve offered you some food for thought and dispelled some common misconceptions of the shared office space. Continue to explore the many benefits and offerings available when you utilize shared office space by checking out some of our other posts on the topic.


The team at SOI is ready to take your call. Contact us today for a free tour of our available shared office space in Sydney.


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Article by Buck Samrai

October 28, 2019