Selecting the best location in a city and the office space for your business is of prime importance.  The appropriateness of an office for rent or on lease impacts the smooth running of your business. Usually, the commercial office spaces are leased out for about five to 10 years. It is therefore essential that every care must be taken to ensure the smooth functioning of the business in a particular location for the similar duration of the lease period.

Choosing the perfect location for your office space is indeed an uphill task. You must prepare to critically examine different aspects for selection of office space, right from the very beginning like its accessibility to its employees and customers, traffic pattern, availability of parking spaces, the reputation of the suburb and proximity to essential services and the existence of similar business activities nearby.


While finalizing amongst the probable location of the office and keeping the appropriate availability for your likely customers, it is equally important to keep your employee’s convenience in mind. Difficulty in commuting of the employees from their home to the workplace could amount to unnecessary frustration.

It may also discourage the customers in locating your office and they may opt-out for a comfortable, accessible competitor. It may work out better to select a workspace close to a train station and other transport services.

Traffic patterns

The busy roads near to office space may be difficult to cross by the pedestrians, and therefore the local traffic volume and models must be examined critically. For example, heavily trafficked roads during the peak business timings might deter the customers. It is recommended to take a test drive to understand the real traffic situation on the ground during actual rush hours.

Transport and parking options

Proximity to available safe, efficient, and cheaper transport would attract potential clients increasing revenues to your business and easiness of accessibility to customers. Convenient parking spaces for the employees and customers would also be of great help.

Proximity to essential services

The proximity to basic services like banking, courier facilities, and other crucial services like a police station, post office, fire station, and medical services would be of great help and importance. Proximity to the airport could be an additional factor if your employees or clients are located in another city and need to visit your office often. Access to cafes and restaurants is a big plus if your employees and client have many options.

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