4 Simple ways to remove daily workplace distractions

Removing workplace distractions
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New year, new you! Right? Have you set any New Year Resolutions?

As a business owner, productivity and growth was surely at the top of the list.

In 2017, one of the top concerns for business people was maximising on the time they spent working. With this in mind, here are our top tips to removing workplace distractions

1. Restrict access to social media

As a business owner it can be tempting to jump on Facebook and have a quick browse between tasks. This is a surefire way get distracted from what you were doing, and lose hours down the social media rabbit hole.

If you’re an employee, your employer might already have measures in place to restrict access to social media during the day. However if you’re your own boss, this might be a little harder. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on self-control alone. You can actually rely on an app called “Self-Control“. It’s an app that will restrict your own access to distracting websites (like Facebook etc) and you can set it to your own parameters.

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2. Make office hours “by appointment”

There’s nothing more distracting than unexpected drop-ins. Whether it’s from clients or suppliers, impromptu meetings can drain hours from your work week. Whenever you list your office address, be sure to include “by appointment only”. This ensures you can schedule meetings at a time that suits you. It also will encourage those frequent visitors to perhaps email or call, when appropriate, rather than demand a face-to-face.

3. Hire a virtual receptionist

Ringing phones are an essential part of running a business. Unfortunately, constantly stopping what you’re doing to answer the phone makes it hard to stay focused on a task. And letting the calls run to voicemail is bad for business. Fortunately, you can outsource phone answering! It’s called a virtual receptionist service. At SOI we offer tailored virtual receptionist packages to maximise your budget and ensure your business needs are covered. To learn more about how this service works, read this article. You’ll be amazed at just how much work you can get done in a day!

4. Change your email settings

Did you know you can choose how often your email platform “pushes” notifications? Often we think it’s important to be notified every time someone sends you an email. However, it’s actually far better for productivity if you only check your emails every hour. Of course, if you’re waiting on a time-sensitive email you can manually send/receive. By only being notified once an hour, it leaves you with a solid 59 minutes at a time to nail that project.

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To talk to SOI more about our virtual reception services, or our other time-saving business solutions, get in touch today!


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Article by Buck Samrai

January 9, 2018