Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Virtual Office

Virtual Office
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The business world has changed a lot over the years and there really is no normal or standard. Which is why a virtual office plays such a big part in the business world these days and is growing by the minute. How you operate and run your business is up to you and what works for you and your family, life and situation. You make the rules!

With virtual office support, you can now go on a holiday, have a tech-free day or enjoy your weekends and downtime. Your business will be in professional and capable hands.

Top 10 reasons why to choose a virtual office with SOI

  1. Expand as your business expands. Not only locally but around Australia and worldwide. SOI have virtual offices in Sydney and Brisbane as well as virtual office partners in other parts of Australia and overseas. Have the flexibility to expand as your business expands and grows whether it be permanent expansions or during peak seasons.
  2. Flexibility. Have the professional business front of a stunning office and the support staff to back it up. With the flexibility to work from home, on the road or wherever you choose. The best of both worlds in our book!
  3. Custom Packages. We understand how every business is different which is why we pride ourselves at SOI on providing the services that your business needs. So, if one of our standard packages doesn’t meet your needs please contact us to discuss how we can.
  4. Cost effective. With a virtual office, you can work from your own home (without the need for expensive office furniture and sky-high office leases. You just have a set price based on what virtual office package you need which can be reviewed when your business needs it to be too.
  5. Meeting rooms. Need to meet with clients in one of SOI’s serviced office locations? Then we can accommodate your needs with our meeting room facilities, support staff and optional catering services.
  6. Professional business address. The ability to use a professional business address on all your marketing material and correspondence. Giving your clients the impression that you have a business front and team of staff behind you. While also protecting your personal address and details. In this day and age, you can never be too careful with your personal information.
  7. No lock-in contracts. No commercial leases or the hassle of being locked into a contract for years to come. Have the flexibility to expand and take on more space as your business needs it. None of that is an issue with SOI’s virtual receptionist.
  8. new Link: more disruptions. With our virtual office services, you also receive receptionist support. One of our professional and friendly virtual receptionists will answer all your calls and can either transfer to you in real time, screen calls or take messages if you are not to be disturbed. Never miss a client call again and have all your clients attended to and looked after in a timely manner.
  9. Incoming mail. With the use of SOI’s address, we will process and sort all your incoming correspondence. This can be forwarded on to your private address or held for you to collect.
  10. Increased productivity. Enjoy the extra productivity that having a virtual office at your disposable provides. Have your virtual office support staff do what they do best allowing you to do what you do best.

Virtual office solutions with SOI

Does this sound wonderful and just what you and your business needs? Our virtual office services might be able to help you otherwise, contact one of SOI’s friendly staff today.

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Article by Michelle

October 30, 2017