How to Balance Family Life and a Small Business?

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Here is a topic that many small business owners face – balancing family and business. When you are trying to balance family life and a small business you need to understand exactly what your priorities are. Is it working just enough to be able to spend the most time with your family? Or are you dedicated to growing your business now, to have more freedom later in life?

As a business owner, we have the power to choose how we balance family and our small business. As such, it’s important to actually plan how this balance will work.

How To Find The Balance Between Family And Small Business With Children

If you have young children, you may decide you want to spend more time with them than working until they grow older and are at school. Time is precious and they grow so quickly! It’s perfectly normal to want to do that. You just need to look at ways to grow your business with help from others and deciding what you can outsource. Outsourcing to others is a great way to achieve the balance between family and small business life.

To help make the switch between family and business make sure you turn off your phone and email notifications when you are in family mode. There’s nothing more distracting than pinging and ringing phones. If you don’t like missing calls from current clients or prospective new clients then look into virtual receptionist solutions; that way an incoming phone call will never go unanswered.

Focus On Your Skills And What You Shine At

Focus on the skills you have, enjoy doing and/or are good at. Identify the other areas you are less skilled or confident in, so you can look at outsourcing them to help you. It is often the day-to-day mundane tasks which people don’t like that you could outsource to someone else and be more effective with your time.


Try and work close to your children’s school and childcare so you can commute with them each day and spend more time together as a family. Your child would appreciate you being able to drop them off or pick them up from school or care during the day. You might even be able to drop in at lunchtime and say “hi”.

Or look at a serviced office that offers childcare services too. Then you can have the best of both worlds. At SOI, the Kent Street, Sydney building offers waitlist-free childcare for children of SOI clients.

Consider A Serviced Office To Help You Along

Have you thought about using a business service provider to help you with some of those mundane tasks that you find time-consuming and don’t enjoy? SOI’s friendly and competent staff can look after you in a timely and professional manner.

Our business services can help small businesses in many ways. From virtual office solutions in the way of appointment setters, virtual receptionists through to offering an actual office space to work out of or our meeting room hire solutions. We can help support and grow your business so you have more time spend with your family.

Another benefit of a business service provider like SOI is that you can also take advantage of our various fitness offerings. Join one of our bootcamps, pilates classes or join the bike team! That way you can save money on a gym membership; and save time going to and from the gym.

If you would like to achieve that balanced family and small business life, then called SOI today on 1300 318 680. We can explain how our virtual business services and offices can be tailored to meet your business (and family-life) requirements.

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Article by Michelle

July 5, 2018