How External Meeting Room Hire Can Lead to Better Productivity

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Do you feel that some days your productivity is low, and you don’t achieve anything during your day, especially when it comes to meetings? Unfortunately for many business owners, the answer is yes.

So, what can you do to change this? How about a change of view or scenery to mix things up a bit? They say a change is as good as a holiday, so it might just do the trick to refresh and recharge the batteries. You might be surprised just how productive your meeting is when using an offsite meeting room.

External Meeting Room Hire Options

There are many options for external meeting room hire.

  • Local hotels
  • Conference venues
  • Some cafes offer separate rooms for meetings depending on size needed
  • Local councils in some towns do
  • Serviced offices

If you’re looking for a quick coffee catch up, there’s nothing wrong with a coffee shop. However, if you’re trying to make the right impression, or trying to work through an agenda; you must try an offsite meeting room.

Costs of Hiring a Meeting Room

The costs of hiring an external meeting will vary. But you might be surprised at how economical they are. Particularly at SO,I as you are only charged for the time that you need. Whether it be a 30-minute meeting to a 2-hour meeting or full day.

To better improve your productivity, we also offer catering options. No need to break for lunch or morning and afternoon tea. We can have it delivered to your meeting room so as not to disrupt the flow.

Whether your meetings are held on an ad-hoc basis to once a week, month or year; we can provide a cost-effective solution for you whatever your business needs are.

What It Means to Hire an External Meeting Room at SOI

Hiring an external meeting room at SOI allows you to access our friendly staff to make sure your meetings run smoothly. We have professional and friendly receptionists to greet your guests.

Our goal at SOI is to ensure you and your business is supported. By holding a meeting at one of SOI’s meeting rooms in Sydney’s CBD you can rest assured you will not have to worry about the behind the scenes. Our staff are here to support you and ensure you can concentrate on your meeting and making it as productive as it can be.

How external meeting room hire can lead to better productivity at SOI Sydney

SOI’s Top 3 Tips to Ensure Your Meeting’s Productivity

Tip 1 – Organisation and Planning: get organised and plan how your meeting will run. Set an agenda so you can achieve outcomes at the meeting.

Tip 2 – Time: remember you only have a set time for your meeting. It is important to keep yourself and the attendees on track. Allocating a set time for each agenda item does wonders.

Tip 3 – Minutes: Ensure someone is allocated to take minutes and record the action items to keep the meeting on track. Taking note of the actionable items too ensures that people are held accountable to follow up and execute said items too.

What’s on Offer With SOI’s Meeting Room Hire

We offer different types of meeting rooms in our Sydney CBD location depending on your needs. We can cater to meetings that range from 2 people through to 6 and have a boardroom that caters for up to 16.

If you don’t particularly want your standard meeting room style rooms that’s ok. We also offer rooms that suit more training and workshop style events too. So, depending on your needs we have a size and room style to suit your needs.

Feel free to change it up with a different room style each meeting to help keep things fresh and impress your guests.

Is It Time to Try External Meeting Room Hire for Yourself?

Business owners often get stuck in a rut and do things the same way all the time. If the way you have been going isn’t working anymore then it’s time to reassess.

Take back control of your productivity and remove yourself from daily distractions that your normal office or home business environment creates.

Make the call today and chat with one of our friendly and helpful staff. You won’t be disappointed with an SOI meeting room with views also over Darling Harbour. What more could you want!


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Article by Michelle

April 17, 2018