What’s Wrong With PO Boxes? Alternate Mailing Address Solutions

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Do you run a home based business but feel uncomfortable about advertising your physical address online?  It’s a common problem business owners face (especailly now), with home offices on the rise. But what are the alternate mailing address solutions? PO Boxes can create mistrust with customers (and let’s face it; look ugly on a business card). But a street address in a prestigious CBD location looks professional and sets the scene for your business. And there are actually businesses that offer modern mailing address solutions for just this situation (like us!).

Businesses are Now Making the Move to Modern Mailing Address Solutions

Virtual offices addresses are on the rise, as many consider them the “modern PO Box”. By simply taking out a virtual office package, you can advertise this as your physical address, and even have all your mail sent there (where it’s then forwarded to you).

There are many benefits to using a virtual address, including:

  • Privacy protection: use can utilise a modern CBD street address while also protecting your privacy
  • Professional street address: use of a central CBD address to list on all marketing material, invoices, proposals, correspondences, etc. Who wouldn’t want an address in a city CBD location to promote their business?
  • Peace of mind: that your business mail will be received by a reliable source which can then be forwarded on to you or stored for you to collect. Peace of mind, convenience and protection. What more do business owners want these days?
  • The illusion of a central location with the convenience of working anywhere: showcase a professional image for your business while allowing you to run your business from any location you desire. And your clients are none the wiser that you don’t go into “the office” every day
  • You never know where another client may come from: utilising a central CBD address may be the clincher for businesses to get in touch.

It’s very important to make a good first impression with clients and put your best foot forward. Your businesses’ marketing material is generally what prospective clients and customers see first and addresses are generally featured across these. Whether it be your:

  • Business card
  • Website
  • Brochures
  • Online business directory listing

Build Trust in the Online Space Using this Modern Mailing Address Solution

Your marketing collateral and online directory listings are another great reason to consider a professional street address. If your business is listed in online directories or social media they generally need a street address. And you definitely don’t want your home address published across the internet.

Clients will research your business online – your website, business reviews etc., and part of the trust building phase is for them to understand where your office is. If they’re looking for someone near their location, having a published street address could be a deciding factor in whether they pick up the phone or send you that first email.

Ask yourself, have you ever researched a business only to find no address and you’ve been put off? Then if a prospective customer or client looks at another businesses website and they have all their details listed, who are you going to choose? When building trust online, the tiniest detail can make or break your business.  And in this day and age, a modern-day mailing address solutions can keep you in the running, even if you work from home.

Where to Start When Organising Mailing Address Solutions?

Always look at all the options. Google is always a great place to start to see who offers this solution. Referrals and recommendations from other business colleagues are also great too. At SOI, before clients take out one of our virtual address solutions, we ask them to consider what’s important to them:

  • Proximity – is the address central or convenient to you or your clients? Does it make sense that your business would be located there?
  • Are other services offered that would benefit your business? For example, SOI offers hot desk options, meeting room hire, virtual receptionists and more.  This way you can utilise meeting room hire at your virtual office address, rather than meeting clients in cafes, for example.

Mailing address solutions SOI Sydney have meeting room and virtual receptionist solutions too

By putting your mail in the hands of our friendly and professional staff you can get on with what you do best – run your business. We also offer additional services to help support your business. From meeting rooms for hire on a regular basis through to ad-hoc, hot desk options as well virtual receptionists are just what you are looking for.

Our friendly staff are waiting for your call. Contact our Sydney office now on 1300 318 680 so we can discuss your business’s needs and learn about how we can best support you!


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Article by Michelle

April 23, 2018