What You Must Know About The New World Of No Lease Office Space

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How do you define space? Space to work. Space to create. Space to excel in your business. The environment where you work can either be detrimental or beneficial to your success. The exciting development of redefining office space has brought interesting solutions. One of them being no lease office space.


You’re no longer bound to extended leases or even worse having to buy a property. You can now have a no leasing office at your whim. No need for setup costs, or expensive office furniture. You don’t even have to maintain the premises or hire additional staff to manage your offices.


The flexible world of virtual business services, meeting rooms to rent and shared workspace with like-minded professionals cuts out the burden of leasing office space. Outsourcing your office needs has become the best thing you can do for your business.


Benefits Of No Lease Offices

Leasing office space can be an expensive exercise. Especially if you’re not sure how fast your business will grow. If you find yourself locked in a pricey lease agreement it can prevent business growth. Businesses in today’s fast-moving world also need to be flexible to meet customers’ ever-expanding needs.


Let’s look at some of the benefits of no lease offices:

  • It’s more economical
  • It alleviates the need for additional staff to manage your offices
  • It gives you the flexibility to rent office space according to your needs so there’s no wastage
  • You can relocate your business immediately as you’re not bound to a lease agreement


Keep It Simple

Sometimes you need your staff to work remotely with an adequate IT infrastructure not found in most homes. Or perhaps your business grows so rapidly you have to hire more staff but don’t have sufficient space to accommodate them.


Whatever your business needs might be, considering alternative solutions for using office space has become essential. These are some key solutions service providers can offer you:

  • Meeting rooms: You may book a meeting room for an important stakeholder meeting once off or regularly if need be.
  • Virtual receptionist: You have the advantage of a virtual receptionist that will answer all your business calls in your business name. It gives your business legitimacy and you can be assured never to miss any important business calls.
  • Hot-desking: You have access to a vibrant work area where your staff can simply come with their laptops, plugin and start working. You only pay for the amount of time-space is used.


Final Thoughts

It’s out with the old and in with the new. There’s no going back to outdated ways of doing business and defining office space. Outsourcing your office needs allows you to focus on growing your business. And that remains the core of any business activity.


If finding an alternative office solution is on your to-do list, reach out to the dedicated team of consultants here at SOI.

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Article by Buck Samrai

October 4, 2019