How to Choose the Right Serviced Office

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Is your business expanding? Or are you thinking now just the right time to make the move to a serviced office?

If so, you might be asking yourself, “how to choose the right serviced office?”. Like workplaces, all serviced offices are different. They have a different vibe, are in different locations, and also offer a varying degree of inclusions and extras too. Everyone’s needs and expectations are different. So it’s a good idea to review a few different serviced offices and see what meets your needs.

Our Top 7 Tips to Choose the Right Serviced Office

1. Think

Have a think about your needs. What do you want from a serviced office? What sort of support do you want? What other extras would help support you in your business – consider gym access, yoga, networking events etc. Make a wish list that you can refer to when speaking to serviced office providers.

2. Budget

When it comes to looking at how to choose the right serviced office, your budget will be a huge factor, and that is ok. Before you start looking into all the serviced office providers you should work out exactly what you’re willing to spend. But remember that you often get what you pay for.

3. Space

How much space do you need? Is this just a workplace solution for you? Or do you need to accommodate your team? Are you a seasonal business that grows and shrinks throughout the year? Figure out exactly how many desks you need before starting your search. That way you’re only paying for the space you need and use. Serviced offices normally offer varying sized office spaces and it’s also quite a simple process to take on more space when and if needed.

4. Google

Google serviced offices in the area you would like work in and have a look at their websites. Do they look like they might be a good fit? What does the website say about them? Do they offer the right IT infrastructure and technology to meet your needs? What do they say about their culture? This is a great way to narrow your list down or to find a few that you weren’t aware of.

Choose the right serviced office and the meeting room benefits at SOI Sydney

5. Phone – First Impressions Count!

Contact the serviced office provider by phone. This can give you a little insight into the type of serviced office it is. Are the people you come into contact with friendly and helpful?  First impressions can be everything and how you are treated by the serviced office receptionists is also the same way your clients will be treated.

So, if it’s not a positive experience from the start you don’t want your clients exposed to that. Nor do you want to be paying for a serviced office facility whose staff are like that either. If you want to learn more, then book an appointment to meet with them in person to discuss your needs further.

6. Make an Appointment to View the Serviced Offices

Make an appointment to view the serviced offices. You want to see firsthand what they have to offer. Remember your first impression will also be your client’s first impression.

Take note of the other business people using the space – are they friendly? Do they seem happy? Does it look like they’re having a productive workday, or are they running around looking for someone to fix their internet connection?

The vibe of a serviced office is also important. Like any workplace, vibes can be different and not suit everyone. Some people thrive in a loud chaotic space whereas other people need calm and order to be able to concentrate.

7. What’s Included in Your Serviced Office Package?

Make sure you discuss what’s included in your package. Ask if there are extra costs for inclusions you will need. You will find all service office providers are slightly different, so it’s always best to clarify. Consider the following:

  • If you need a meeting room or boardroom how does that work?
  • Are the kitchen and break room facilities included?
  • Is a receptionist included to take your calls and greet your clients?
  • Are you locked into a contract and if so for how long?

Why SOI Has the Right Serviced Office Space for You

We want to get to know you and your business to know how we can best support your needs. At SOI, we have serviced offices that suit 1 person through to 16. We also have virtual receptionists, meeting room and boardroom spaces as well as onsite IT support.

We also care about you and your team.  We understand how important it is for both you and your team to be fully supported so you can achieve more.  You will always have fast wireless internet with a professional team of IT experts ready to assist you at any time. Our large variety of Meeting rooms, boardrooms and training rooms are always available for you plus a helping hand with any sort of administration task that is simply going to make your day easier.

To help you and your team de-stress there is always complimentary health and fitness sessions available. Whether it be Pilates, boot camp or mediation. As important as it is to work on and in your business. It is also important to step out from your business and take a break for your mind and body.

Does this sound like a space that you would like to work in? Contact us now!


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Article by Michelle

February 20, 2018