The Pros and Cons of Having a Business Virtual Office

business virtual office
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If you have been looking around for alternative office solutions, no doubt you’ve come across the term ‘virtual office’.

Virtual offices are fast becoming the go-to solution for business owners all around the world, for many reasons. If you’ve been considering a virtual office to meet your business’s needs, you’ll want to read this before making your decision.

Today we’ll be unpacking the pros and cons associated with having a business virtual office.

The Pros of Having a Business Virtual Office

When it comes to the pros of having a virtual office, the list of advantages is a long one. Here are four of the reasons why so many choose a virtual office as their ideal office solution.


The cost of having a virtual office is significantly less than what it costs to buy, rent or hire office space. Expenses like office equipment, furniture, utility costs, stationery and travel costs associated with the office commute are entirely eliminated.

Physical address

The benefits that come from having a physical address listed are varied and plentiful. From increased customer trust to ensure your home address remains private, having a physical address for your business is very important.

Included services

Many virtual office companies include extra services in their fees, like access to a virtual receptionist and Meeting room hire.

Working remotely

One simply cannot discount the freedom that comes with working from home and other remote settings. You can enjoy the perks of having a virtual office from the comfort of your preferred working environment.


The Cons of Having a Business Virtual Office

As with all things in life, business Virtual office aren’t without their cons. Here are the three most notable downsides of having a business virtual office.

Lack of social interaction

Some people are extroverted and thrive on interaction with other humans. With a virtual office, there is no regular physical interaction with other people.

Reduced motivation

A struggle many business owners will relate to is staying motivated and efficient when not in an office environment.

Communication issues

Due to the virtual nature of Virtual offices, there is plenty of room for miscommunication between employees. Often times communications sent via email, text or IM software do not properly convey the intended message.

Final Thoughts

After comparing the pros and cons of having a business virtual office—does it sound like this may be the ideal solution to your needs? Or does the idea of a virtual office not tick all of your boxes?

Either way, SOI is here to help you. Whether you are after more information about Virtual offices or want to hear about other solutions, our friendly consultants would love to assist you.


After all, our business is your business.

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October 4, 2019