How the Shared Work Space is Changing the Business Landscape

shared work space Sydney
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How Shared Work Space Sydney is Changing Business Landscape? Let us find out in this article.

Times are changing, and the way business is conducted is changing with it. A prime example of how the world of business as we know it is evolving is the rise of the shared workspace.

As the name suggests, a shared workspace is a space that is shared by different people from different organisations. Shared workspaces are most often used by start-ups, small business owners, freelancers and remote workers.

Once considered a trend or fad, shared workspace is the new normal and the availability of innovative shared workspace Sydney is becoming known for speaks to this.


Shared Work Space Around Australia

In 2017, the number of shared workspaces in Australia grew by a whopping 297%. 53% of all the shared workspaces in Australia are found in CBD’s or inner-city areas with the remaining shared workspaces being located in suburban and outer suburban areas.

When it comes to shared workspace Sydney gobbles up 30% of the national shared workspace numbers, with Melbourne based shared workspaces hot on its heels at 28%. Shared workspace is rising in popularity in areas such as Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.


The Benefits of Shared Work Space

Many business owners and freelancers take advantage of the shared work space Sydney has to offer because there are many benefits associated with this modern way of working. These benefits include:

  • Collaboration: Shared workspace encourages a collaborative mindset and helps to cultivate a culture of creativity
  • Prime locations: By sharing a workspace, small business owners, start-up’s and freelancers are able to work in sought after areas that they’d otherwise not be able to afford
  • Convenient payment plans: Most shared workspaces charge a monthly membership fee or operate on a pay-as-you-use basis
  • Lower operating costs: When you rent shared workspace, utilities including water, electricity and WiFi costs are usually included in your fees as well as access to amenities such as coffee supplies
  • Flexibility: You aren’t tied into binding contracts such as those associated with traditional office rentals
  • New opportunities: Because the social aspect is a big part of the shared workspace concept, people who utilise these spaces are exposed to new opportunities in terms of learning from those around them, working on collaborative projects and potentially even landing new jobs through their fellow co-workers


Final Thoughts

The shared work space Sydney and its surroundings has to offer are plentiful. If shared workspace sounds like it’s the right move for your business and you’d like to investigate your options, reach out to the dedicated team of friendly consultants here at SOI—we’d love to help you.

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Article by Michelle

December 2, 2019