What Is A Hot Desk Office And How Can It Affect Your Business

hot desk office
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As businesses are growing and startups are increasing, the need for creating cost-effective offices is becoming an absolute necessity. Gone are the days where setting up an office was one of the biggest expenses involved in starting a new business. It is now common to see people working out of their living room, garage, and even coffee shops. Perhaps it is this phenomenon that led to the growth of concepts like the Hot Desk Office. In case you are wondering what it is, it is broadly an extension of the concept of sharing the working space.

Insight into Hot Desk Office

Broadly speaking, this is an open office strategy. In this case, there is a working space for sure, but the same work station is shared by many individuals. There is no set work station for you. The same space is occupied and used by multiple entities at different times.

This is a concept that is gaining popularity in cities and areas where real estate prices are higher and space availability is a struggle. It is no doubt a cost-efficient proposition and ensures better utilization of the space. It also enables optimization of available space and ensures a higher return for the business over an extended period. Broadly from the company’s perspective, this is an absolute win-win situation and ensures greater work at a significantly lesser cost. Maintenance of offices becomes significantly more efficient this way.

Disadvantages Of Hot Desk Office

But it is not all good in this case. Every coin has two sides, and hot-desking has certain disadvantages. These factors are often considered very important and may also lead to muted business growth if left unattended for a significant period

No Permanent Space

Your cubicle or office desk is not just a place to finish business dealings. Given the amount of time that you spend here, it sometimes becomes a precious and a special corner for you. But if there is no permanent space, it is difficult to develop that kind of deep bond or nurture the sense of cohesion you see in traditional offices.

Lack of Effective Communication

With different employees coming at different times, communication suffers. The lack of effective communication can also affect a team’s efficiency, overall output, and business growth.

Hierarchy Issues

This is another key worry when you are considering a hot desk office. You may argue that hierarchy as a concept is fading but there is still a certain amount of accountability between junior and senior staff. Hot desking dilutes that completely.

Difficult to Maintain Confidentiality

There are certain developments, situations, and arrangements that are confidential and dealt with by only selected staff. But in a hot desk office, that can be an uphill task and may affect future growth opportunities.

The efficiency of this set-up depends on the business module: Typically a hot desk office works best for businesses where you have a large number of staff members working from home and which operates with flexible work hours. If the office opens and shuts at a set time, this could be difficult.

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Article by Buck Samrai

October 4, 2019