3 Tips to Optimise Hot Desk Coworking Spaces

Hot desk coworking space
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Hot desk coworking space is an office system where multiple employees alternate using the same working station at various time periods. This method encourages employees to interact with their coworkers. It’s fundamentally a form of team building.

A hot desk working environment isn’t always easy to achieve because there are many employees who resist change. They may not be happy with their working environment constantly shifting. But is there a way you can optimise hot desk coworking spaces to keep employees happy? Keep reading to find out.

The Benefits of a Hot Desk Coworking Space

There are myriads of benefits to utilising the hot desk coworking system which may increase workflow and employee satisfaction. Take a look at the following advantages:

– Working alongside different types of people allows employees to build stronger bonds with their colleagues

– A hot desk coworking space offers employees the chance to understand their colleagues skill sets and demands of their job

– Allowing employees to sit with professionals in a specific field they may be more interested in could increase their chances of becoming part of that team in the future

– If employees learn about each other and their expertise it could improve problem-solving within a department. Everyone will have the knowledge of how to help each other with challenges in the working environment

Optimisation Tips

  • Find the Correct Balance

It’s important to understand that not all employees can take part in hot desking. Remember that employees who spend 90% of their time at their desks working on a strict schedule. These types of employees are typically in the finance and administration department.

Employees that are out of the office most of the time can sustain hot desk spaces. These workers include marketing teams, sales representatives and management. It’s crucial to study employee habits so you can find a balance for your hot desk environment.

  • Include Variety of Workspaces

Ensure you include a variety of workspaces colleagues can use to communicate effectively. After all, the hot desk method is about the people, not space. You want them to be comfortable too, so make work lounges or open kitchens where co-workers can sit and enjoy a quick chat in between moving around.

  • Make it Easy for Employees to Select a Desk

It can be overwhelming finding a desk in a busy working environment. Make it easy for employees to find a desk when it’s time to shift to another space. A way to do this is to create designated clusters for the hot desk movements. Colour code these areas so employees can find a work station fast.

Final Thoughts

If you’d like more tips on how to optimise your hot desk coworking space our team at SOI can assist you with everything you need. Simply give us a call today so we can help create a healthy working environment for your employees.

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Article by Michelle

January 29, 2020