Creating the Perfect Hot Desk Area for More Productivity

Hot Desking
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Creating a hot desk area can allow for flexible work amongst your staff and enhance their productivity.

With workplaces ever changing in today’s business world, organisations are looking for some solutions to make their offices more efficient. And what better way to achieve this than by creating the perfect hot desk area?

We here at Serviced Offices International have gathered some tips for you to maximise office space and make it more conducive to productivity.

  1. Set up an area that can serve various functions. For example, you could use tables to transform as hot desks, which can also be rearranged into a meeting or conference setting.
  2. Determine how many people will be worknight a certain area and whether it would change from day to day. If so, you can use folding tables. These are stable when set up, but can easily be kept hidden if you need space.
  3. Putting comfort in mind, choose adjustable chairs to suit a variety of users. Also make sure they’re of good quality for longer use. Don’t forget to add in some pieces of furniture that can cater to staff members with specific needs, like heavy individuals.
  4. Install plenty of power supplies and network cables so every employee can plug in their laptops easily and immediately. If you’re using Wi-Fi, make sure its log-in details are always available to them to avoid unnecessary calls to the IT department.
  5. Make essential equipment and supplies, such as stationery, printers and other multi-function machines, easily accessible to everyone for better workflow.
  6. Add in a few extra details that can make your workplace more enjoyable for your staff. For example, you can place some coffee machines in the right places or provide some spare chargers for issued mobile phones.
  7. One of the most important elements in a host desk area is storage. With that said, make sure you have enough lockers, drawers and file organisers around the area.
  8. To accommodate as many users as possible, think of the shape of your desks. Rectangular-shaped bench desks are more efficient when it comes to maximising space than curved radial desks.
  9. If your team is mobile but regularly meets at the office, you can consider having soft seating areas with power sockets nearby, aside from desks and chairs. This set up would encourage brainstorming and collaborative work.

With these tips, you can achieve hot desking and cope with the changes your workplace would see in the future.


Image Credit: Phil Whitehouse, CC BY 2.0

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Article by Michelle

January 23, 2015