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Picking the ideal Coworking Space in Sydney can, quite frankly, be a mission. Firstly, you have to find a location that’s central to your staff and clients. Then you need to dress up the office and make it inviting & functional for everyone.

It’s a lot of hassle before you can even open your doors to do business, right? The good news is there’s a better way to get office space now. For coworking space, Sydney has plenty of serviced offices and conference facilities available. It’s the latest trend in optimizing office space.

Using serviced offices is a more efficient way to run your business with lower overhead costs and fewer hassles. We share some tips to help you pick the perfect office space for your business.

Rent Only What You Need

There’s no need to pay for extra space you don’t need. When looking for coworking space in Sydney service providers have the resources to offer you the perfect facilities. You have to determine the following though:

  • How long do you want to rent the space? On a monthly, weekly or daily basis?
  • You decide how many staff will be hot-desking and how many will need private offices.
  • Do you need virtual office services such as answering your calls and handling your mail?

Try and keep it simple, budget-friendly & efficient.

Stay Flexible

The coworking space is usually centrally located and teeming with active entrepreneurs that thrive on flexibility. You won’t be locked into a lease or have to deal with difficult landlords anymore.

If at any time your business needs change and you have to set up in a different location make sure your service provider can set you up in another location. Select a vendor with multiple serviced offices to allow for uninterrupted continuity of your business operations.

Get Input from your Staff

It’s important to include your staff in the decision-making process. It will empower them and create a sense of belonging & ownership when you settle on the new venue. Start the discussion with these simple questions:

  • What kind of office space could increase your performance?
  •  Do you enjoy being surrounded by diverse people and a creative atmosphere?
  • Does hot desking appeal to you?
  • What location will be ideal?

Final Thoughts in Picking Coworking Space Sydney

Avoid the trap of following the outdated tradition of leasing office space. Rather capitalize on the flexibility afforded by renting office space only when you need it. It’s cheaper and comes with less responsibility & more flexibility.

Make an appointment with the team at SOI today. We have the skills, expertise, and portfolio to assist you with all your office requirements.

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Article by Michelle

February 13, 2020