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If you’ve decided that a serviced office is the best option for your business, there are a few aspects you need to consider before you choose a provider. At SOI, we’ve been providing serviced offices, Sydney and additional business services for over 18 years. So these are our top tips to make sure you find the best serviced office provider for your business:

1. Understand what you need

Every business is different. Even similar businesses in the same industry have different needs. We know this, because at SOI we take time to really understand what makes our clients tick. What works for some of our serviced office clients, won’t work for another. And that’s why it’s essential that, as a business owner, you clearly understand the requirements you need for a serviced office, Sydney.

Some things to consider:

  • Length of lease period (short term, long term, seasonal etc.)
  • How much space you need (just for yourself or to include additional team members)
  • How that space will be configured (all in one office, or multiple offices in close proximity)
  • What internet do you require (eg. wireless internet, how much internet data, a dedicated bandwidth solution)
  • What telecommunications solutions you will need (a virtual receptionist, a hand-free VOIP phone etc.)
  • Do you need access to meeting rooms? If so, how often and for how many people? Will you require help with audio-visual or catering?

At SOI we can provide the lot, or even just a few of these requirements. And if you’re unsure of what it is you do need, our team can chat through all of the available options and find a solution which fits your needs and your budget.

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Understand the lease terms

Some serviced office providers in Sydney offer seemingly great rates; however these are only for the actual office space and you only find out about the additional fees when it’s too late. At SOI, we want to make your decision as easy and transparent as possible, which is why we take the time to understand your needs and provide you with a package accordingly. This means, you know exactly what your regular expenses will be, before finalising the lease. Our serviced offices, Sydney come fully furnished, with the IT solutions you need so you can move in and start working.


It’s also important that you understand the terms of your lease, in case your needs change. For example, you might require a bigger office before the end of your existing lease term – is there a fee to resign? At SOI we offer flexible solutions to allow us to grow with your business.

Understand what support you’ll have

One of the benefits of having a serviced office in Sydney, is that you don’t need to worry about things such as getting office furniture, setting up the internet, download speeds, phone connections and audio-visual services etc. However, before you agree to a lease term for a serviced office, Sydney, check what kind of support staff are available for you on-site. It’s all well-and-good to have access to fast internet, but if the wireless goes down in your office, how quickly can it be restored?


At SOI, we understand that our clients expect fully functional serviced offices at all times. That’s why we have on-site IT staff to solve any technical queries you might have. We also have a full receptionist team to answer your incoming phone calls, greet visitors and assist with any catering requirements for your meetings. We also have a concierge team to help with the little things such as dry cleaning and notifying you when your lunch is ready for pickup from one of the surrounding cafes.

Understand what benefits you can enjoy

If you’re considering leasing a serviced office in Sydney, be sure to make the most out of your new workplace. Check that your provider offers additional benefits which makes coming to work a dream. At SOI, we are proud to offer these additional extras as part of your serviced office lease:

  • Complimentary pilates & fitness classes
  • End-of-trip facilities such as modern change rooms (complete with towel hire), secure bike racks and even a bike mechanic to help with services
  • A range of break-out areas to enjoy
  • Access to waitlist-free childcare
  • Regular networking events
  • …and more


– – – – –

The most important thing to consider before you sign a lease for a serviced office, Sydney, is that you feel comfortable in the office and connect with the support staff. If you already know what you need included in your package; that’s great – contact us to get started! Otherwise, feel free to give us a call on 1300 318 680 so we can work with you to provide a solution that’s right for your business.

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September 20, 2017