At SOI we provide virtual receptionist solutions. As such, we’ve written at length about the benefits of using a virtual reception service and how they work. What we haven’t covered is why you should use SOI for your virtual receptionist solutions.

In this article, we’ll explain what makes SOI different to other virtual receptionist providers and why you should do yourself a favour and contact us when you’re ready to book a provider. All of these benefits are in addition to over 19 years’ experience supporting companies with their virtual reception solutions.

Make sure you download our handy checklist (contained in our eBook) to know what to ask when interviewing prospective virtual receptionist providers.

Our Virtual Receptionist Solutions Get You More Business Whilst Making Your Life Easier

Forbes reported that almost 80% of prospective clients won’t leave a message if your business phone goes unanswered. They’ll simply hang up and call your next competitor. Unfortunately, a voicemail service just isn’t enough to capture new business. But what’s the solution? Be a slave to your work phone day-in-day-out? Our virtual receptionist solutions are focused on driving your business forward. We do this by making your incoming calls our number one priority.  Imagine never having to worry about being in the office to answer incoming calls. Or being able to really focus on servicing your clients face-to-face, knowing your calls are being handled.

We Take Time to Get to Know Your Callers (just like an in-house receptionist)

If you were paying a full-time wage to an in-house receptionist, your receptionist would get to know your regular callers and build rapport. It’s the same with a virtual receptionist from SOI! Our team and receptionists are passionate about providing the best service possible, and we know that starts with a personalised service. Plus, all our team members have extensive front office training, which is on-going and never stops. We also take the time to learn about what your business does, get to know the regular callers, and understand your preferred processes to better serve you. Sometimes it’s the little things (like an extra friendly greeting) that make all the difference.

virtual receptionist solutions for small business by SOI

We Really Do Save You Money With Our Virtual Receptionist Solutions

According to PayScale, a full-time receptionist salary is anywhere between $32,157 and $51,930. And that doesn’t take into consideration the cost of office furniture, computers and telecommunication equipment. Our virtual receptionist packages start from just $69 per month, based on your requirements.

We Don’t Just Offer Virtual Receptionist Solutions

We like to think of ourselves as your go-to for clever business solutions. Whilst virtual receptionist solutions are a big part of what we do, it’s not the whole story. We can offer your business much more than a phone answering service.

Need an office for a day? Try our hot desks.

Want to get your meetings out of the cafe and into a professional setting? Book one of our meeting rooms.

Want a prestige office location with no set-up for a few months – even longer? Enquire about our serviced offices.

Need someone to manage your appointment bookings? We can help with that too!

Work from home and want to present a more professional image? Our virtual offices will do that for you.

– – – – –

At SOI, we’re dedicated to improving the businesses and lifestyles of business owners. We not only want to help your business grow; we also want to make your life easier. And that’s where our range of business solutions come in. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can do this for you!


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