If you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, among many providers of office spaces, then do not worry as you are not alone. To help you, we have compared Serviced Office Space and Virtual office space, to enable you to choose the option best suited to your specific personal, lifestyle, and business needs.

The Virtual Office

The concept of work from home is fast catching up as it saves both time and money. That is why the entrepreneurs today are getting more and more interested in the concept of a virtual office. A professionally imaged virtual office creates a lasting first impression on prospective customers and in turn, helps in long term success of your venture.

The concept of a virtual office is better if you are not interested in a physical office, especially when you are about to start your business and funding is scarce. By using the virtual office, you can avail several support services like an address at a prime location in CBD, call answering secretary services, support services, etc. You can also use the meeting rooms and access lounges available along-with the virtual office service package. This way, you can professionally welcome your clients.

Registering with a virtual office location gives credibility to your business. By showing that you have an office location supported by team and support staff, it’s sometimes better than operating from home.

The virtual office helps you to maintain the work-life balance by ensuring that your work pressures do not interfere with your time. The less productive tasks like making phone calls, fixing appointments, meeting arrangements, replying to emails, etc. get taken care of by the virtual office support services. This way, you are left with more productive time to focus on the growth of your business.

The Serviced Office

If you feel disturbed at home by your kids or you are not getting the peace of mind to focus on your business activities, then you should move to a more professionally organized workplace.

A serviced office space is the perfect solution to handle such situations. It will make sure that you can do justice to both your professional and personal lives. Using the shared office lets you avoid various hassles like maintaining a physical office, lease agreements, managing the support staff, maintenance issues, etc. The list is quite long and will eat into your productive time.

With a co-working office space, you need to sign a contract for the period as per your requirement, and you will have access to an office space with all the shared support services. As your business grows, you can opt for more and better services or can scale down in case you need to do so.

One of the main benefits of a shared office is it helps to reduce your establishment cost. Moreover, as you are expected to make monthly rental payments regularly, your cash outgo becomes very predictable. The package can include furniture, cubicles, maintenance services, receptionist services, etc., which can substantially reduce your office overheads associated with maintaining a permanent office.

One of the most significant benefits of serviced office space, primarily if you are at the right co-working location, is that of networking. In a serviced co-working space, you get surrounded by other small companies with similar problems. It helps you to build relations to increase the client base, something which is always the priority of any entrepreneur.

The Verdict

There is no right or wrong. The decision is yours to make as it is going to impact your business. We suggest you check with some of the providers of serviced office spaces and virtual office providers to select the office which is right for you.

If you are looking for a shared office or need help with virtual services in and around Sydney or Chatswood, you can check with SOI by simply giving us a call. We will be more than glad to assist you in finding the right office space to cater to your specific business needs.