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VIP Car Care

Transforming the working day

VIP Car Care was established in 1983 making it one of Australia’s oldest and most established mobile car detailing companies. With the business growing considerably they have expanded into other areas of automotive care and are considered experts in their field.

Client Challenges

When approached by the Managing Director there was a real concern expressed over the amount of calls they were missing daily and the lost sales opportunities.

The volume of calls coming through to their mobile phones gave them two choices whilst busy to either not answer the call or let the call go to voicemail.

Given their professional service and excellent brand image these two options were not viable Therefore a solution was required where they can continue working uninterrupted and have the peace of mind that new and existing clients are being spoken to professionally and no calls are missed.

Also having the ability to choose when callers can be transferred or messages taken would be a real plus.

From day one the client received an instant boost to the business

SOI’s Solution

SOI’s Virtual Receptionist High Volume package was implemented allowing for full call answering and email messages capturing the clients name, location, phone number and make of vehicle. As with all SOI solutions the option to instruct the receptionist daily on whether to receive transferred calls or messages only is a standard feature.


Benefits to the business

From day one the client received an instant boost to the business by not being burdened by constant telephone calls.

As each call is valuable the business ran more smoothly in the knowledge that every caller was being spoken to professionally and important information relayed. This allowed the client to focus on doing what they do best uninterrupted.

In the mobile car cleaning business, time is precious and being able to address client calls at their convenience gave them more freedom.

SOI are able to measure for the client the money and time saved making this solution an excellent business decision.

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