Throughout Australia, users are finding the shared office space concept cost-effective and flexible, compared to owning a private place. This way not only the rent gets reduced, but one can avoid the hassles of interiors, maintenance, bills or managing utilities typically associated with own office space. The shared space comes equipped with resources to cater to different events and official activities.

But not every shared office space is the same. It is instead an umbrella term that further encompasses a range of purposes and specialties. To zero in on the right shared office space, you need to start from knowing the identity of your business and then do the relevant smart research.

The details shared below will help you in choosing the best option for your business:

Know all, before signing on the dotted line!

It is always better to enquire about the social activities that get organized at the prospective shared office space. Check if you are supposed to attend them or can avoid. If you can give them a call, check if you get the option for a peaceful space to work, without getting disturbed from any events, especially if they are noisy.

Always match the facilities with what YOU need!

Mostly, the shared office spaces are designed to cater to the needs of some specific niche users. Before choosing an option, make sure that space is designed to meet your specific needs to avoid inconvenience later.

In our opinion, it’s better to be in a space used by a representative of diverse industries. It will offer you opportunities to network and brainstorm on issues outside your immediate industry sphere.

Make sure that the location suits you!

The location of your business is vital for success. It should be a happening place. It should be easily accessible all year round through the various modes of public transport for ease of your staff as well as your clients. It is always better if you are at a place that has synergy with other companies working in the same niche.

Today a lot of shared office spaces are popping up anywhere and everywhere, and all may not be at the right location for the specific needs of your business. So be extra careful about this aspect.

Check amenities and support facilities!

One of the main advantages of shared office space is that they offer all the benefits of a big company as far as amenities are concerned.

Is there is a space for collaborative work?

Can you use the conference room and meeting room facilities?

Are there breakout areas and cafes available nearby?

Are there facilities to entertain your clients?

How are internet speed and backup internet options?

Before finalizing, check for the facilities available and the terms of use.

Safety and Security should never be compromised!

Always check for the safety and security arrangements at the co-working space.

Is round the clock security available?

Is it a secured building?

Are there access control systems installed?

What is the status of fire fighting systems?

Are they adequate and operational? Etc.

Costs do matter!

While negotiating, take your time to understand the fees, frequency of payment, and all facilities that are part of your package.

What are the lease terms?

Is there a lock-in contract?

Also, collect full details of fees and terms for additional facilities and services if any, so that if you avail them at a later date, there is no reason for disputes. Always read the fine print properly to avoid surprises later, as many times a lot can be hidden there.

As you are now through with the article, take some time to check out our office spaces in Sydney and Chatswood locations or call our representative to assist you further.  Even better, we would love to meet you at one of our locations!