How to Make Your Small Business More Green

Thinking green is the way forward for many small businesses. Not only is it important for business owners to do their bit for the environment, but customers now expect you to be considering the environment through day-to-day business practices.  In this post, we look...

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Why Hire a Conference Room Off Site?

Hiring a conference room off-site has so many benefits. Whether you work from home or are paying big bucks for a conference room in your current office lease, there are alternatives. We've spoken to a number of clients as to why they like to use a conference room...

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Meeting Room Hire: The Benefits At SOI

You will love SOI’s meeting room hire benefits. If you have a home office but meet with clients on a regular or ad-hoc basis you will know scrambling to find a suitable meeting location gets old very quickly. It's also very unproductive if you have multiple meetings...

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How to Choose the Right Serviced Office

Is your business expanding? Or are you thinking now just the right time to make the move to a serviced office? If so, you might be asking yourself, "how to choose the right serviced office?". Like workplaces, all serviced offices are different. They have a different...

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What Industry Suits A Virtual Appointment Setter?

This is a question we hear a lot from small and medium-sized businesses; "what industry suits a virtual appointment setter?" Due to the versatility of our services, our virtual appointment services suit any industry which operates based on appointments. SOI have...

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Serviced vs Virtual Office – Which Suits You Best?

Serviced vs virtual office solutions; that is the question that many ask themselves at some stage of business. For some business owners, this question will present earlier than if you don’t have the room or desire for a home office. Particularly if you also don’t have...

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The Pros and Cons of Hot Desking in Sydney CBD

Hot desking in the Sydney CBD is becoming increasingly popular amongst business owners and professional contractors. The reason for this is the convenience and affordability that comes with leasing a desk for a day or week; all in the heart of Sydney's CBD, right at...

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