With the increasing popularity of coworking office space concept, the software companies are now offering various solutions to help and support the shared office management. Some of the best applications available in the market to support your coworking office space are listed below.

1. Nexudus

Nexudus is one comprehensive coworking and flexible workspace software system that is capable of managing many features like memberships, receipts, payments, seminars, events, and a lot more. Nexudus is a very scaleable and multifaceted application. Almost any function can be customized and they also provide an API for custom integrations.

2. Optix

The Optix coworking office space software is made and marketed by ShareDesk. It is the same company that has released ShareDesk Marketplace. This platform consists of 2 tools. One is the web-based platform for the managers and the other one is for the use of members.

The main features of the Optix software include space booking tool, payments, receipts, invoicing, messaging, and customer support. The tool can also be made to work along with the ShareDesk marketplace. It will enable the users to advertise for their ventures and do everything in one single portal.

3. Coworkify

Coworkify is another popular shared office space software that is quite simple to operate.  In addition to standard functions, such as bookings, automated invoicing, and membership management, Coworkify also provides a high level of security with the best price deal.

To test it, you can try it for free for 30 days. The software can manage up to 80 members. If you increase the number of members, the payment will increase accordingly.


KUBE was initially called Happy Desk. Its self-contained solution provider for coworking helps to a lot more than merely managing the members. Owners and managers can seamless integrate the platform with merchants and billing applications to help make the process much easier. Besides invoicing and managing customer relationships, this software can control features as door access, wifi usage, hosting of network control solutions, etc. This software is integrated with the marketplace to effectively network with the vendors, clients, and prospective customers.

5. Cobot

The good part of the Cobot software is that it is developed and marketed by promoters who are themselves invested in the shared office space business model. The software enables you to handle all activities effortlessly and seamlessly like room booking, invoicing, payment collection, event management, networking, etc. to name a few. It has the highest integration rate with Adyen,, Gocardless, Payone, Paypal, Stripe, Veritrans Japan, Paylane, Cloudessa, KISI, Google, Slack, Zapier and many more.

The software is bilingual and gets easily hosted on mobiles as well as desktop PCs. The buyers will have access to a free and personal international support team available 24×7.

6. The Receptionist for iPad

Besides the mentioned above office space management software’s, shared office setups also need to handle lots of visitors, customers, clients, interviewees, food, and courier delivery staff, etc. For this, they need an excellent visitor check-in system. One such software is The Receptionist for iPad.

It is designed to help the front desk to quickly and effectively manage the check-ins and to keep track of all who are coming or going. The software also allows users to control the visitors as per the pre-defined groupings. It is a modern and technologically savvy software for both large and small shared office companies.

The above list is only some good suggestions to shorten your process to identify a good workplace for rent management software for your coworking office space venture. There can be many more, but you can start exploring with these suggestions.