In today’s competitive world of business, you need to have an edge over your competitors. Hiring a call answering service might just be that edge you’ve been looking for.

Customers can pick and choose who they wish to do business with and, ultimately, you need to do whatever you can to make sure they pick you.

A call answering service benefits your small business in more ways than one.

Here’s why.

Every Call is Answered

Sure, that missed call flashing on your machine could be from the over-eager salesman whose calls you’ve been dodging for a week. But that call could also have come from a potential client whose business you’ve now missed out on. Having a call answering service ensures that every call is answered and handled appropriately.

You can Concentrate on your business

Hiring a call answering service means that the time you’d normally spend answering calls can now be spent on core aspects of your business that deserve your attention. This also applies to other members of your team, who waste time answering the phone instead of carrying out their regular duties.

Fantastic Customer Service

Let’s face it, not everyone has a knack for delivering outstanding customer service and some people simply do not have satisfactory telephonic skills. By hiring a call answering service, you’re guaranteed that the person who answers the phone is a professional and delivers a level of customer service of a higher standard.

No Need to Hire New Staff

When you make use of a call answering service, you are making use of professionals. You don’t need to spend any time interviewing, hiring and training a new member of staff like a receptionist or personal assistant. Not only does this save you a huge amount of time, but a huge amount of money too. You have no salary to pay, no sick leave to pay out, and no bonuses to consider.

Tips for Hiring a Call Answering Service

  • Sometimes, face-to-face meetings are necessary. If you can, choose a business that’s located in or around your area. For example, a quick search of ‘call answering services in Sydney should yield the results you’re after.
  • Test call the company. How the company that’s offering a call answering service answers their own phone tells you a lot about how they’d plan on answering yours.

Final Thoughts

When you’re faced with all the benefits that come with hiring a call answering service, it’s clear that they have a massive potential to impact your business and the way you do things—for the better.

Who wouldn’t want to take their business to the next level?

Hire a call answering service today from SOI and ensure that no call goes unanswered.