Why Serviced Offices are on the rise

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In 2017, business owners all over Australia are opting for serviced offices over traditional office space. The popularity of serviced offices is soaring and shows no sign of slowing down. What was once just a temporary solution for startups or remote teams has now become the workplace of choice for thousands of Australian businesses. This is why we find our serviced office in the Sydney CBD so popular. In fact, the supply of flexible office spaces in Australia has increased by 36% in the past year, which makes it one of the fastest-growing markets for this type of office space in the world.

SOI: Serviced Offices in Sydney CBD: a growing trend

So why is it that serviced offices, particularly in Sydney’s CBD, are becoming so popular? And is it a viable option for your business?

Don’t get bogged down with commitment

If you’ve previously worked from home and are considering taking the dive into a commercial office lease, you know how daunting the process is. So many things to consider:

  • Will having this size office be the right fit in the next three/six/twelve months?
  • What if your business isn’t growing like expected and the overheads of a commercial office lease start chewing through the funds?
  • Or what if the business goes boom and you need to accommodate more employees?

Being locked into a lease is stifling and frankly, the old way of doing things. With a serviced office, your space grows with your needs. At SOI, we offer some serious flexibility to allow you to change spaces as often as your needs do. Not only does this type of workspace arrangement foster growth, it’s also great if you do project-based work with contractors, etc. You can look at hiring office space for the duration of the contract, rather than being locked into a 12-month lease.

Enjoy some unique benefits with serviced offices in Sydney’s CBD

At SOI, our serviced office clients benefit from added extras that amount to more than just a place to work. These include:

  • Complimentary fitness classes
  • Modern change rooms with complimentary towel hire
  • Secure bike racks with a complimentary bike mechanic
  • Breakout rooms for every purpose
  • Access to meeting rooms and even a boardroom and training area
  • Passionate support staff
  • Concierge services to maximize your time
  • Waitlist-free childcare

Connect with like-minded business owners at our Sydney’s serviced office

Being a sole trader, or only having a small team usually limits your daily interactions with people. It also means you probably only regularly see the same people. With a serviced offices in Sydney, you are able to work alongside different business owners in a highly productive environment. Whilst the offices we have at SOI is still extremely private and secure (you can completely lock them keeping everything safe), we also foster networking opportunities. This might be something informal like grabbing a coffee with your neighbour in one of the many breakout rooms. Or it could be more formal at one of our regular networking events. Either way, you never know who you might meet, and what opportunities could develop.

Why choose a serviced office in Sydney's CBD with SOI

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As a serviced office provider in Sydney’s CBD, SOI would love to show you what all the fuss is about. If you’re ready to discover what many business owners have already found, contact us today. We would love to put together a tailored solution that fits your needs now and in the future. We are also affiliated with business centres throughout Australia and the rest of the world, so regardless of your location we have a solution to help you.


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Article by Michelle

November 7, 2017