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One Laptop per Child

The SOI team-specifically Michelle, Michela and Jaye- helped us tremendously when we needed full-service office space for five months during a rapid growth phase when we’d outgrown our prior office space, but hadn’t yet reached the size and found the right place for a long-term rental. As a charity, we needed to secure reasonably-priced accommodation but also wanted a CBD location and the flexibility to access different configurations of meeting rooms. SOI met our needs in all these areas.


Lisa Besa

Short term tenant

Credence International

“I have been a virtual client with SOI for over 10 years. Prior to this we were in Pitt Street and really felt the change to a quieter end of Sydney CBD would be refreshing and to be so close to King Street Wharf was just a bonus! I have been very happy with the services at SOI…particulary that we are not always visible in the office every week. The staff work hard to keep us feeling a part of SOI, our calls are always very well documented and passed on and our mail is redirecited regularly. At nearly every booking, we are able to book the the room of our choice for our meetings. As in every business today, customer/client service is paramount and as principal of Credence International, I am very grateful that our clients do not have to leave messages into an automated voice mail service. Lastly as a small executive search firm, can I say we can compete on a world stage because we have the support services of SOI and the team. GO SOI!


Judy Wong

VIrtual Office Client

Financial Services Business

Thank you so much for your support over the 10 years we have been associated with SOI, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have had at SOI and your own personal and professional service and attitude towards us, in particular. I would have no problem recommending SOI to others in the future and faced with different circumstances would happily re-engage with SOI myself if required.


M.P McGregor
Managing Director

VIrtual Office client

Sports Events Marketing Company

“Throughout our tenacy at SOI, the staff and management team have endeavored to place us in the office space that suits our constantly evolving needs. I highly recommend SOI as a boutique serviced office that goes the extra mile to provide customised service.”


Sales Manager


Work in Colour

I have been a very happy tenant of SOI for over three years now. I love the location and the layout, but most of all I love the friendly smiles, the receptionist to greet my guests and the “nothing’s too much trouble” attitude. It mean’s there’s one element of my business life that’s never a drama.


Joanna Maxwell
Managing Director


Saba Software (Australia Pty Ltd)

We wanted to take an opportunity to thank you and the Services Offices International team for your support throughout the year. We could not do what we do without your help. Your support as we build our business has helped enormously. Your assistance in passing our heartfelt thanks to everyone will be much appreciated.


Richard Boggonn
Vice President- Asia Pacific & Managing Director

VIrtual Office Client


I would like to take this opportunity to say on behalf of all the team at Ecareer, that we have throroughly enjoyed the 15 months at SOI. We have appreciated the ongoing professional service and approach of you and your team, particularly Katie & Ellie. The environment at SOI has been very conducive to our business, particularly in the early stages and has been a contributing factor to our success so far. Michelle, I would be happy to speak with any of yor potential clients regarding SOI as we have had a most positive experience and would be delighted to provide a recommendation.


Brian Walker


Casa Della Musica

All your staff is a pleasure to work with, they have an excellent sense of business operations and a broad knowledge of customer needs and desires. All staff have consistently gone out of their way to address my needs and are very dependable and thoughtful. Their never failing professionalism is one of your company’s greatest assets… With all of Serviced Offices International’s diligence and skill I feel comfortable and relaxed to pursue other areas of my business.


Alec Nayer

Virtual Office Client

Griffith Northside Apartments/Silver Service Hampers

Thank you for your professioanal and easy to use friendly service. Durig my six week overseas holiday, Serviced Offices International became my full-time secretary. My business did not suffer during my absence and I was able to quickly get in contact and follow up on messages on my telephone answering virtual office. My clients have reported how professional my “new” staff are! It was a wonderful serivce to use during my absence from the office or during a very busy period. I highly recommend their services to all.


Gael Irwin
Managing Director

Virtual Office Client

Todd Davies & Associates

When choosing a serviced office or project room, having the right team around you is vital. The SOI team is great- they’re very capable, very personable and can make things happen at short notice. If you want a professional facility with a great culture, Kent Street is the place for you. We needed a project room at short notice- we looked at rooms with SOI and within 48 hours we were at work with phone lines, internet, 6 desks, PA support and everything we needed to hit the ground running. They even found us a room with a view. I can’t thank SOI enough for helping us execute a high pressure project at short notice with no fuss. Their laid back but highly organised approach helped us to keep calm when the pressure was on and to execute flawlessly for our clients.


Todd Davies
Managing Director

Virtual Office Client/Tenant

Anytime Fitness

We have enjoyed our time with SOI and recommend you to anyone seeking virtual office solutions. Over the years we have seen many changes but the heart and soul of SOI remains in the fabric of its people.


Wendy Howlett
Area Manager

VIrtual Office Client

Royal Flying Doctor Service

On behalf of the team at the Flying Doctor, I want to thank you and your terrific team for making our seven week stay at Lumley House so easy and enjoyable. Each and everyone of you made us feel welcome… a part of an office, not just temporary tenants. Your professionalism helped us get through… meeting every need as it arose and always with a smile. Thank you for your warm hospitality and our very best wishes to all.


Bonnie Harris

Short Term Tenant

Alim Lim & Partners

I have been with SOI for 3 years and over this period the staff at SOI have always exceeded my expectations and have always made me feel welcome and part of the family. Thank you SOI


Alim Lim
Managing Director

Virtual Office Client and Tenant

ResponseTek Networks

Serviced Offices International ha been tremendously helpful to ResponseTek as we have set up a presence in Sydney. As a customer Experience professional I can be a tough marker when I assess the service that I recieve and the team at SOI is always a pleasure to deal with. The staff is friendly and helpful, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other professionals that require the services of a virtual and serviced office.


Martin Whitby
Client Manager

Virtual Office Client and Tenant