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Frequently Asked Questions

Serviced Office

What is a serviced office?

Serviced offices - also commonly referred to as managed offices, business centers, executive suites or executive centers - are often found in the central business districts of large cities around the world. A serviced office is an office that is fully equipped and managed by a management company, which then rents individual offices or floors to other companies.

Serviced offices are fully operational in all respects and suitable for immediate occupation. Typically, a serviced office operation is configured to allow for a range of office sizes, ranging from as few as one person and up to 10 or more persons in one room.

It is common for a number of adjoining offices to be taken together to accommodate a higher number of persons, providing unlimited expandability.

Moving your business into a serviced office can be a cost-effective solution to your workspace needs that avoids the trials and tribulations of traditional property letting. It’s an office space option that means you can just move in, set up and get straight down to business.


What is included in a Serviced Office?

All serviced offices come complete with rents, rates and services leaving you time to focus on growing your business. The fees that tenants are charged in serviced offices normally include the basic rent, fit-out, furnishings, maintenance, air-conditioning, lighting, cleaning, security, reception services and naturally free tea and coffee and use of a communal kitchen.

Almost everything you need in an office is inclusive in the rental prices quoted. In most cases, the only additional costs incurred are for services, but only if you use them.

These may include International calls, printing / photocopying costs and conference / meeting room charges. In frequent cases, many business centres provide complimentary conference / meeting room usage and if you opt to use the secretarial services provided, you only pay for the time used instead of fixed monthly salaries.

What is the average lease term?

The average lease term is 6 to 12 months.

Can I rent an office for less than 6 or 12 months?

At SOI most things are possible so please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements.

What are the sizes of our suites/offices?

Our suites range from 9 square meters to over 70 and comfortably seat from 1 to 15 staff.

Am I charged per office or per person?

At SOI the cost of your suite/office includes furniture to suit the number of occupants that the size of the suite will comfortably accommodate.

However if you have specific needs to meet your organisations requirements please discuss directly with one of our Sales Executives.

Can I access my office outside of working hours?

Tenants are offered 12/7 Security access (Security pass-card) should they want to access suites outside of office hours.

What IT services do I get access to?

Our IT infrastructure (Broadband) is a dedicated 20mg inbound and 20mg outbound.

All suites are set up with their own VLan and depending upon suite size and number of occupants the suites can be set up with a dedicated port for each user.

If you have specific IT needs please discuss with our sales team.

What is a VoIP telecommunications phone?

Use VoIP like you use any telephone - you pick up the phone, hear the dial tone and dial the telephone number of your choice. There are no extra numbers to dial and no special routines to follow. You don't have to be a tech wizard to use our service, only someone who wants a great price and great features from their phone every day.

At SOI we have a dedicated VoIP internet connection; this means uninterrupted calls with clarity like a standard land line.

What am I charged for a phone line and calls?

Our tenants enjoy a 1 off monthly fee for their phone line/handset this charge includes the cost of all national calls to either landline or mobile numbers. 

That means our tenants can budget for their monthly phone bills without any expensive phone bills each month.

International calls are charged at standard Telco charges.

What is the security deposit required?

Unlike traditional space where you are required in most cases to have up to 12 months rent value as a Bank Guarantee, at SOI your security deposit on a standard lease is 2 months deposit with a personal guarantee by a director domiciled in Australia. Should your organisation be an international or based overseas a 3 month deposit is required. Contact us with specific queries.

How much notice to vacate must I give at the end of my lease?

On our traditional 6 to 12 month lease(s) 2 months written notice is required.  

Do you offer parking?

Yes onsite we offer casual and monthly parking in your own dedicated spot at current CBD parking rates.  There are also number of parking stations available at a range of prices within a few minutes walk from our offices.

Can I receive visitors?

Yes of course, we even encourage it. Don’t forget to advise our friendly reception team of your visitor's name and arrival time and they will be greeted and either you can come to the reception area to escort them to your office or meeting room or our staff can escort them.

What other amenities do you offer?

Visit this page to review all our amenities.

Virtual Offices - General Questions

A virtual office allows you to have your very own receptionist or phone answering service, bridging the gap between you and your numerous clients.

Virtual office space – Virtual office gives you a chance to own a high profile reputed address in a city of your choice, at a fraction of the buying or renting cost of such an address.

Professional address – A prestigious CBD building to be used as the business address. A professional address alleviates the privacy and personal security concerns of running a home-based business.

Mailing address – The professional address can be used for accepting, sending and forwarding mail without the connotations of a PO box or giving clients or companies your home address.

Business meeting space – The on-demand use (hourly, daily or weekly) of conference rooms and meeting rooms for meetings. Meeting space can often be rented at short notice. Casual workspace – as an alternative to the distractions of co-working or the interruptions of a home office, office space is available on an occasional or "drop-in" basis, hourly, daily or monthly.

A virtual office blends home and work to gain efficiencies in both. Virtual office expenses are low, while the Virtual office client’s professionalism retains the image of a traditional, high-cost office. A virtual office user can reduce their environmental impact, as well as the personal negatives of a daily commute. A virtual office can allow for low-cost expansion with no long-term commitments. Users taking advantage of virtual office receptionists eliminate the traditional burden of payroll, insurance & rent. Also, traditional time-off (sick days, vacations, personal leaves, etc.…) does not apply to a virtual staff.

How am I invoiced?

Your credit card is charged on the 1st of each month for the agreed upon monthly amount. Should you add another one of our services during the course of the month the charge is applied against your nominated credit card after invoicing; it’s that easy.

Who do I contact if I don’t understand the charges on my invoice?

Please contact and we will respond or forward the email to the appropriate party to respond to your query.

Can I change my current plan?

As a virtual client in most cases we require one month’s notice to change or cancel any service. Contact us for further information or to discuss your specific requirements.

How do I cancel a service?

Simply send an email to or stating the reason, client name, contact details and we will respond with your confirmation cancellation date. We require 1 month's notice for most cancellations (unless otherwise stated on your agreement) 

CBD Business Address

Can you open, scan and email my post? 

Yes we can. The first page is $3.50 and thereafter the fee is .50 cents per page.

Do I have access to a fax number? 

Yes if you are a virtual client or a tenant you can receive faxes to our number and we will forward them electronically via email.

How do I know mail has arrived for me?

Our friendly team will email you a message announcing mail or a parcel has arrived.

Can you receive parcels?

Our reception is open weekdays from 8:30am to 5:20pm and we can receive parcels for both virtual clients and tenants.

Can you forward parcels?

Yes but please contact us prior to receiving the parcel to arrangement payment method and costs.

What if a client or colleague comes to my listed address?

If a client or colleague comes to visit your business the reception team are instructed to advise that you are not available at the moment and will forward an email message to you with the visitor’s name and contact details.

How much does it cost to forward mail domestically?

The fee to forward a standard item of mail by post is $3.50 per item plus postage. Contact us with special query on parcels and other mail items.

How much does it cost to forward mail internationally?

The fee to forward a standard item of mail by international post is $4.00 per item plus postage.  Contact us with special query on parcels and other mail items.

Meeting Rooms 

How do I contact SOI to book a meeting room or Hot Desk? 

Simply email or give us a call on 02 9994 8000. Our friendly team will book the services you need and provide a quote.

How do you charge meeting room usage? 

We charge a minimum 1 hour booking for virtual and tenants and thereafter in 30 minute increments.

What are your rates?

Contact if you are a new client inquiring about rates as they can vary depending if the usage is casual or ongoing bookings. They can range from $40 an hour to $90 an hour depending on size of meeting room.

What is included in your meeting room hourly rental rates? 

Please visit this page for more details.

Can I rent outside of office business hours? 

Contact us directly to discuss your requirements.  

How much is video conferencing? 

Contact us with your specific requirements and we will provide a customised quote.

Do you offer catering?

We offer a wide variety of Catering from $6.50 per person for afternoon or morning tee with pastry goods to hot lunches. Contact us now for a complete quote.

How many people do your rooms hold?

Our meeting rooms can easily accommodate from 2 to 50. Contact us now for availability and rates.

Is internet included in your meeting room hourly rate?

Internet is included in our meeting rooms and Boardroom rentals.  The larger conference/training rooms do not include use of Internet.

Telephone Answering Packages

Am I charged for calls transferred to my phone?

Our new telephone answering packages include the cost of call for the first 50 or 100 incoming national calls on either mobile or landline number.

Any calls outside your 50 or 100 call cap are a flat .50 cents per call.   It’s that simple!

What if I am busy and not able to answer my transferred call?

If you don’t answer the transferred call within 4 rings our friendly staff will take the callers details as per your instructions and send you an email with the information in real time if you are on any of our LUMLEY Call & Emails or Call & Emails plus package plans.

If you are on one of the other plans your caller will be transferred to your personal voicemail you may have set up.

How many users are included in your packages?

Our A, B, and C packages include up to 3 members. You can add additional members to the telephone answering plan at $15.00 per member per month.*

All our other packages are only inclusive of 1 member.  You can add additional members to the telephone answering plan at $15.00 per member per month.*

*A $15.00 administration fee is charged for making changes to your instructions.

I’m overseas a lot of the time and calls will be transferred to me there. What are the charges for international calls?

International calls are charged at our Telco competitive rates.  Contact us to learn more about our competitive rates. 

What is your charge for SMS?


For Email Message?

Additional Email Messages above the cap on your plan are charged at $1.20 per email message.  Charges vary on email messages on our PA phone answering packages.  If you require a specialised telephone answering service contact us now for your customised quote.